Please remove the sunder charm and utilize the terror zone. Preserve the classic Diablo 2

As a 20 years player and a dedicated blizzard game lover, now I find obliged to offer some of my opinions that have lingered in my mind for a long time.

And this is not my own opinion. We have discussed this in close blizzard game fans’ circle already.

  1. What is a company’s core competitive advantage? I can see any of it in D3 or Diablo3 resurrected D4. Maybe you want to make a popular game but D3&D4 are too easy and shallow which can easily be replaced by many games in the market. Blizzard owns the most precious and abundant legacies in the gaming industry. W3 reforged could have been a Roblox challenger, who can believe Blizzard just screwed up an easy reforge task. I see a similar tendency in D2R. Immunity is a core mechanism in classic D2R. By removing it you just turn D2R into another D3 which only has two classes. (melee and range) What are the main differences between roger and sorceress in D3 except in appearance and visual effects?

  2. Sunder charm is against the philosophy of D2R’s end-game experience. This game is too easy not too hard for end-game players. We need more challenges, not an easy mode. Sunder charm is widening the gap between casters and fighters. Sunder charm shrinks the build-diversifies. Lighting Sor and lighting Ama which have already too powerful, now get a new buff.

  3. The core mechanics of this game had been sundered. Because casters are too mighty, immunities are designed to limit its whole-map farming capabilities. If you are a single element majored caster then the core philosophy of this game is you can only enjoy a bunch of specific zones. This mechanism will encourage physical end-game build or dual-element majored build. This mechanism also welcomes team cooperation making D2R an internet-oriented game. Now this game is more solo than ever. Everybody is farming in their own terror zones in single-player games, which obviously is against the mainstream tendency of gaming.


  1. Remove all sunder charms or at least only keep sunder charms in ladder mode.

  2. Rase terror zones’ difficulty level. Greatly increase terror zones monsters’ hitpoints, damages, AR, and resistance. Terror zones monsters’ three main resistance(lighting fire cold) should not be broken by any means. Any terror zones’ difficult level must at least reach the world stone chamber.

  3. Just add 25 magic resistance to all monsters in the terror zone. The same philosophy is applied: single element majored character should not walk easily on the whole map.

If you want to sell D2R DLC in the future or develop a new PVP DLC. Please listen to core bone-ash players’ echos. We are the players who would not be distracted by sauerkraut games.

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