Queue and Lock Permanent now?

Mate, you’ve just used your yearly limit for dots…


It seems to be… dot day here… on the d2r forums… and I already used… my stevie reference… from malcolm in the middle… today… in another thread…

Anyways, what makes you say this is permanent?


Well only… cause it was 12 days ago… And no improvement! So its just feel like. If people get bored of this… they stop playing and they already paid the game so… Queued will leave etc not cause blizzard fix it… only because people leave the game. Thats sad… im sad… thats why all the dot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It reads as if you’re out of breath m8.

I’d like to take a slightly more positive aproach and think they’ll fix it soon™
If they have to rewrite the code for login servers or whatnot it may take a while. They made a mistake and now we have to wait.

Good Advice! I wish!

Go read this. Here they explain the problem.

Oh my! “Positive approach by Blizzards “SOON”? :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember that SOON! From WOW days!
It meant in few days/weeks/months. You never knew. All of sudden patch/update popped up. :joy:

It really became their Trademark.

And here you are, with all your wisdom still buying their prducts.

You ever heard of “Benefit of the Doubt”?

Guess not. Since i am the one with all the wisdom.
And finally you admit they f… up! :+1:

I’ve done so from the start. Thing is it doesn’t affect me because single player and I refuse to become one of the foaming at the mouth types that have been posting here. If a game I bought has issues that affect me I either refund or accept it and wait for things to improve.

Stop patting yourself on the back, it looks pathetic.

You said it yourself though?

Let me quote you:

“ And here you are, with all your wisdom still buying their prducts.”

Your words, not mine. Scroll up and look for yourself.

I made that comment about “soon” thinking it was funny.

But no, you go straight in attack mode because of my posts in threads which affected “my gameplay”?

Yeah whatever man. Have a nice day.

I haven’t seen a positive post by you in every thread I saw you, so yea, take a look in the mirror m8


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That’s because i don’t have anything positive to say in topics in question?
What is wrong with that?
Should i pretend?

Also, i fail to understand what you mean with “look in the mirror”?

When did i offend you? What did i say that you felt “attacked” by me?
I’m curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was never about any of you. It was only about halfbaked game that i was negative.

this is a full game not a beta, this should have been sorted before they tricked people in to buying an non functional game

It took now 35 minutes from pos 69 to pos 37 on a wendsday afternoon - goodbye D2r - i am out here - and out of this companys games

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Its sad how they cannot increse servar size I though Blizz is huge company and they cannot for a few hundreds players need to stay in que this is dissapointed

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Who cares how he spelled it out. Waiting over an hr to log into a game like this is utter absurd. I stopped trying to play there wait times are stupid long. Then you have to pray you do not crash or lose connection. You can’t really effectivly play it anyway becuase of the delay making games.

They are huge in the gaming market with plenty of money. It should of been addressed by now.

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it’ll get fixed, don’t be so dramatic

Oh my! “Positive approach by Blizzards “SOON”? :slightly_smiling_face: I remember that SOON! From WOW days!

Well, they used to not give a release date for things, to work hard and polish all they could, which actually reflected in the quality of the games…
Can’t really compare this with this…

As they’re basically doing worse than most ‘actual’ indie companies, even worse than “Early Access”
So far with D2:R, it’s been just that one blue post for damage control… no way to contact them either…

It would actually be nice if they’re posting more updates to their last story… even a “Progress is going well” or "We’ve been facing several issues while rewriting the code " would suffice to calm people down…
All people see here is a literal repeat of what happened with WC3: “Refunded”
Except they didn’t flat out lie to people with D2:R… or at least not yet.

And the fun part is , I see a TON of updates around their microtransaction games…
And sure they work with different teams there… but still.
Which is just giving me doubts on how far this issue will get fixed, or how fast… because they’re not making more money on it.
To add to this, I’ve read their “Blue post” on a media website before it was posted for the players… “we got the literal copy pasta reply of it in the end”


me too, i hate companys who didn´t care about his customer. never again blizzard. i leave WOW for many years, so diablo are the same.