Queue.... when you fix this?

si alguien vive cerca de las oficinas de blizzard tiene que ir a prenderlas fuego

baje de 284 a 206 despues de 15 min… cualquiera

I think Mephisto claimed your souls

wait, w8 longer, w8 a lil bit longer, logged in - but surprise - just logged in in offline modus?. Didn’t pressed esc, so dont know why after queue was over it changed to offline modus. From there i changed to online again and have to w8 again same time as before, arround 20/30min. that happend to me twice on yesterday.

hopefully it doesn’t repeat today again.

320 position in queue :sob:

dias sin jugar por colas interminables, y pagando 40 euros, es broma? espero se solucione esto cuanto antes porque vaya tela…

selling a place in the queue. 15$

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after waitng hour +
the queue reset!
and its heppen again and again and again!
can u guys please just go to sleep so i can enter the game :slight_smile:

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Are this servers we playing, the same they used on D2, 20 years ago?
In general case, i see the new Diablo franshise with garbage quality in terms of online connection and service.
Bad engeeniers/technicals, bad hardware, bad management? what the hell is going on?

Blizzard Infrastructure cannot support its number of customers.
Blizzard removes the ONE FUNCTION that would alleviate strain on their servers… A local LAN option or TCP/IP.


Seriously so many of us just want to play the game with small groups of friends and are unable to do so.



i bought me the game twice to play with my brother and i cant even play it myself! I love that they make the remake but the server queue isnt a good solution cus we cant login for hours! im in queue 413 now and it nearly doesent go down! This can just be a fu… joke they have to take it out! Destroys the expiriance for us all! I have a kid and also not always time to play and if i have time i cant play it cus im stuck in a queue! This cant be seriously a solution take it out!!

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OP answer: never !

Queues will self-fix when people leave the game.

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selling a place in the queue. 15$ :kissing_heart:

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Im an old player, I remember when D1 came out … and yes there was queue, ok, in the last millenium it was ok … but now 2021. Servers, memory, connection should NOT be an issue. And the most important thing nowadays is COMMUNICATION. But Blizz is lack of it …


Haha, 15$ for quene is a fair price! :smiley:

Look at this you wil be amazed.

I cant believe the queue system is still exist…
are they gona fix this ever?

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please fix this issue too everytime i use townportol game crashs
and i have to start over again :tired_face:

No, they will NOT do anything. Lag exists, drop has issues, cursor has issues, moving has issues, mercenaries has issues … just buy d3resurrected and give money to blizzard … this is NOT that blizzard who made D2 … It is very difficoult in 2022 (2023 soon) to have good connection to servers:)