Right click spell locked bug?

Since the new quick spells update, I putted teleport on right click without shortcut so it should always stays but it randomly changes for an other spell even tapping any changing button!!
Can someone explain me why it does that and how to fix it? Looks like bug a to me, but it makes me crazy when it happen every 30sec while on a middle of a fight with my sorceress…

Thank you very much in advance.

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Have you enabled Quick Cast from menu? If not, pressing any skill button will place that skill on RMB and remove Teleport as normal.

Also, by default Mouse Wheel Up/Down will rotate all your skills on the RMB, so it might also be that?

Hello, I did so it returns at defauts ( teleport without shortcut ) everytime execpt bug.
I put out wheel shortcut allready but thanks :slight_smile:

Did you resolve this issue? I have exactly the same problem.

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I have the same issue. Still not resolved. Seems like a bug.

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I also have this problem, i can’t re-create the issue unless I’m fighting enemies. Super weird. I have right click also set as tele, and my ‘R’ button is blizzard. Right click will just stay as blizzard whenever it decides to. It happens at the worst times… fighting trav and all the sudden i can’t tele to safety without manually selecting teleport to place back on right click. I hope this gets fixed.

hopefull wee can figure it out
i diee alot when TP is gone

It changes to my “R” button, too, 99% of the time when it happens… hmm? but I think for someone else it was changing to their “F4”… I wonder if it has something to do with the skill “blizzard” or “meteor” as that seems to be a commonality with people this is happening to. Dying is not an option for me… I play HC. Haven’t died to it yet, but it is super annoying and gets my merc killed often.

so, i started a blizz/orb sorc, it changes to either of those skills, so it does seem to have something to do with the skills that have a delay.

April 2023 and it still has not been fixed. This is supper annoying and is sure to get us HC player killed. Please fix this Blizzard