The worst think you can do is staying silent blizzard

When you dont tell us anything we get the feeling you dont have a plan and is trying to wait out the storm. Communicate with us! When will the queue stop?

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you have already paid for the game lmao

Your point? 12345678

they will not get more money from you whether they continue working on the game or not

“Additionally, overall, we were saving too often to the global database: There is no need to do this as often as we were. We should really be saving you to the regional database, and only saving you to the global database when we need to unlock you–this is one of the mitigations we have put in place. Right now we are writing code to change how we do this entirely, so we will almost never be saving to the global database, which will significantly reduce the load on that server, but that is an architecture redesign which will take some time to build, test, then implement.”

there is a whole blue post about it, and “not telling you anything” is either you behave like a 10 yo without patience or worse you have no goodwill to listen, either way as mentioned above it’s a “you” problem.


Actually that’s a very good strategy.
Some players will just leave (they paid anyways), and problem will be solved automatially.

lol no sh*t sherlock.

They didn’t stay silent. You are just not able to find a sticky. And here we go again:

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