TZs for runes question


ive looked for an answer but it’s still not clear to me:

can (hell) terror zones drop any rune at any act?

like, normally you couldn’t find a BER untill act 3. but can an act 1 terror zone drop a BER?

If the TZ level (based on the char level of the char who created the game) is high enough, then yes. I don’t know the exact details by heart though.

I think the whole idea that certain runes drop only from certain zones is absolute bs imho. I got last season double drop for LO rune 1st in act1 and 2nd act2 in a same game on single player. Also had drop for Jah rune multiple times in act1 before even TZ existed.
It is just pure RNG, but yeah it might be more likely to drop HRs in higher acts but I got drop for BER in act2, wasn’t even tz. Was just doing usual farm route.

But when you play with more players your chances to drop HRs are much higher but they don’t necessarily drop in TZs only.