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i played for 10h today. Game crashed, now ill have a break. played yesterday for 10h had also queue but played like the whole day. found some high runes, had good trades. totally satisfied.

i am 100% sure that people here are completly exaggerating.
Yes they have issues but its no way as bad as one could think when reading all the hate threads.

That’s because you crashed once in 10 hours.

If you would crash once per hour and sit in queue for ungodly amount of time you wouldn’t be so happy.


it really is not crashing that often. i dont know what is better on my mashine.

My game crashes once an hour 100%. Gonna add my pile of s*it at the forums when I come back to the city on Monday

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i am in game again since one hour. dont know what you guys doing.

Wait till you lose a set of keys to your first uber run to a crash right before killing uber baal and later on a tomb reaver and andariel’s visage lost to rollbacks. Then I think you might reconsider, or most likely not since you seem to play this game like a job.

Not everyone has 10 hours to play this game daily to offset crashes/server outages.

Either way I guess your post is intended to:

  1. add salt in the wound to people who got screwed by this situation the most and you are just this small of a character that you get a kick out of it.
  2. get your good boy pat on the head from some forum mod that is bound to show up anytime to applaud the “positivity”

Either way I hope you are still young and can grow up because if not, my sympathy for you.


“I was luckier than other players, thus game is good”.


Anyone who is playing 10 hours a day, clearly is either uneployed or student , or a troll , just cause he said he did all that doesnt mean that actually the truth.

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If I don’t have any issues with the game, others can’t have issues too.
Well not much you can say about this kind of (non-existent) logic.


No it is
3. Add another voice in this forum, telling blizzard that there are still players out there which can understand the circumstances and issues and accept that they work on it and that takes time.
Other big publishers have their issues on release weeks too.

This can be perfectly applied on all these "my game crashes every 10 min, get me lawyer now "

This forum is full of “I wanna speak to the manager.” Carens.

Except you obviously don’t understand all the circumstances, you come to the forums, see that there is a massive amount of complaints and what do you do? Dismiss them all based on your own single experience because you have a penchant for defending a poor downtrodden company that is clearly in the wrong here.

What is the point of this exercise? Do you think this poor mega company needs reassurance from some random joe on the forums ?

Here’s an idea, when you see people rushing out of a building yelling fire what do you do? Ask them to calm down and enter back inside just because you don’t see the smoke and the flames?

This situation for some people is a disaster, I actually have a friend who stopped playing after he lost a LO rune due to rollback. This isn’t alpha or beta anymore, it isn’t even the release anymore, for it to continue so bad for so long.

And again, not everyone has 10 hours to play daily like you, for some, seeing a LO rune drop and going away in a rollback means that they might have to play for months to see another if they play 2-3 hours every other day due to their schedule.

You seem to have a lot of empathy for someone who is clearly in the wrong here and very little for all the people you call Karens that are having a much much worse time than you do.
What have you lost to a rollback?


comparing this situation with a fire in a building is explaining this whole rant in the forum. what is wrong with you guys. its just a game

Well you are a much better troll than you let on.


because its just a game. i hope your friend will not harm himself because if you make these comparisons the situation is clearly problematic but not the in the sense of blizzard did something wrong.

i do have empathy tho if your friend really lost a Lo. i can understand that he has quit.
he might write a ticket to blizzard.
but as i said before, i believe they are on it and it will be fixed soon.

but i want to point out once again, this game is not bad for everyone and that message was the intention of this thread.

you arrive on a time after blizzard implement a queue system to prevent server ovelhem, massive db crash, data lost, corrupt player witch need to be unstuck manually or even unlucky players that permanent lost the characters. full weekends without service, most afternoon after work without service for a whole month…

the was also an AVX unsuport issue that prevent a bunch of pre order players from play in the lunch for 3 weeks (including myself) even when they meet the minimum requeriments and participated in the beta without problems (and helped giving feedback and reporting bugs)

And all of that (until 2 days ago that we receive the first transparent and detailed explaination of the circunstances) with 0 info about what was happening during a month nor an estimate time for the service for being available and issues to beign fixed. (Some people would remember the we are going to fix it tonight or late tomorrow on AVX issue and tonight maybe tomorow turns into a 3 weeks without being able to lunch the game)

You can check the only one time blizzard give us details about what was and is happening right here: Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward but before that we was completly blinds about what is happening along an entire month!!

In that thread you can confirm that what i relate before you arrive is true and you can not come here now that the storm is not the same size and blame other and say they are exagerating while you just pop out of the blue knowing nothing about was going on here, john snow!..

kind regards

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i play this game since launch and follow the discussions here from the start. thats why i know about everything you mentioned.
its necessary to point out that the context of my first post here is the current state of the threads in the forum here. i only read complains. and the context are the disczssions about the queue.

Also:i cannot be angry at blizzard since i am completly out of scope of any issues that have been discussed here since launch. i have nearly perfect game accessibility and have not a single complaint about the game or services while playing this game since the release on september. thats my sitauation. How likly is it that i am an exceptional case? i dont know but i think the most ppl that come here, have some trouble and all that are fine with everything simply play and are invisible here.
i do admit (although unaffected) that the avx bug was nothing but embarassing. i can understand that ppl where upset. but we need to always have in mind that this is just a game and not a bug in a surgery tool which would have been through more testing phases for sure… its necessary to calm down a bit and let blizzard work. it also not true that blues did not answer in the threads about the avx issue. they did.
i see that mistakes have been made by blizzarf but i also see that people like me have no troubles at all, which proves that blizzard is not failing completly.

I used to crash and stutter before the queue patch. Was unacceptable but the game was mostly playable. After the patch I cant get past the splash screen with out my PC soft or hard locking. You’re in the minority here.

Don’t vacations exist in your country?