We need Changes

Dear Reader,

I would like to see Diablo 2 get one or two other features in the future.
But it should also not be like Path of Exile in that you have masses of boss fights and different mechanics.
Diablo 2 community is older and no longer so agile that should be taken into account.
Also, anyone can play Diablo 2 even if you only play 2 hours a day. Everyone gets their money’s worth.
The focus should be on the balancing in any case and that the feeling does not change so much with the overpowered.
The very feeling makes the game intressesant, you develop your character and run through the opponents.

Some mods have proven that it can improve small changes such as an item with a token what has a chance to be destroyed or become better.
Or the fact that mercenaries can wear gloves rings amulets and shoes, belt.

It would also be pretty cool if the non ladder players could get the possibility to use the singleplayer command only that it only increases the difficulty and experience and not the loot luck.

Thanks for Reading

It is not a hacker, damn it! You somehow managed to insult both hackers and modders at the same time.

The important part should be that the space between casual and hardcore players never be to much out ranges.

And 1 point would be the cross over realm trading , please deactivade that.
Its destorys the eco much faster even in ladder seasons.