1016 error is ruining the game

I honestly can’t believe that this error is still in the game. I’ve searched through posts dating years back and it seems to have never been fixed on BLIZZARD’s side - since it clearly isn’t user related. I have every single piece of advice, from dns flush, compatibility mode, disabling antivirus, adding anti-virus exception, disabling IPv6. It’s so inconsistent that I dread attempting to any bounties because 90% of the time I can’t stay in the game long enough to complete a chapter.

Let me answer some basic questions to speed this up:

  • It’s not my ISP because this issue is ofc solely and completely isolated to blizzard and Diablo 3
  • I’m running a direct ethernet cable to my modem which is a fiber connection
  • The duration is random
  • The disconnect happens more often I’m searching between different difficulties or swapping characters
  • The blizzard app seems to lose connection as well
  • Sometimes I can simply relaunch the game and it’ll be fine, other times it will immediately disconnect me
  • My ping bar never drops to yellow or red, that is not the issue

I am this close to dropping the game because it’s so frustrating. I cannot believe that Blizzard hasn’t patched this on their end from the seemingly 2.5 patch that everyone mentions years ago. So here I am, willing to give this game one last benefit of the doubt if I can get tech support to COMPLETELY solve this issue for me.

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Hello! We’re sorry to hear you experienced this problem.

Please generate the following files:

A traceroute file

Pathping file

Looking Glass file

Msinfo file

Upload them to https://pastebin.com/ then reply here with the link. To post the link, after pasting it, select it and press the </> preformatted text button.
If you’re not comfortable posting these details on pastebin or on the forums, please use: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1202/ticket

Hello. I’ve submitted all the .txt files to https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1202/ticket.
Thank you for getting back to me