2-hand crossbow vs 1-hand crossbow (+quiver)


i crafted ancient arcane barb socket. (2-hand)
it has 20 less dexterity but higher arcane damage by about 150 (min and max).

it should be stronger (i think) but it results in less sheet damage. why ?


Sheet number uses DPS (damage per second) in the calculation. So APS (attack per second) affects the DPS.

1-H weapons have higher APS than 2-H weapons. You should check the DPS of the weapons instead.

Note also that many properties are not considered by the sheet number. The little diamond icon of each property is an indication. If it is a grey diamond, the property will be calculated in the sheet number. If it is an orange diamond, the property won’t be calculated.

So, the sheet number is almost useless or even misleading. Don’t judge only by the sheet number! It is just one of many factors you need to consider.


does it consider cube ?


Legendary powers are NOT considered, in general. So, cubed powers are NOT as well.


thanks. helped alot.