server is up or down just for me?

I did some researching doing TCPView software. When I start Diablo 3 it connected to and the connection is ok. PingPlotter shows no issues either. Then once I press ‘Start a game’ button, Diablo 3 tries to connect to . And it is there where it has troubles. Because PingPlotter shows 100% packet loss for that server. It can’t connect to it. And diablo 3 can’t start a new game either. So maybe you should test if that server is really working and up? Can someone test if he/she can ping ?
As for now any 37.244.32.xx server range is down for me.

Another server that seems to be down - . It is used when I try to join a public game. Can’t connect either.

Will you fix those servers plz? is not working properly either. 37.244.33.xx and 37.244.32.xx needs thorough testing. Because if you use check-host.net you will see that for example, is can’t be pinged , no answer for TCP or UPD protocols.
I now CAN start a game. And in town the ping is playable though high. But as soon as I enter a GR or normal rift latency grows up to 2k-3k !

Have you seen https://check-host.net/ ? I check ip there. It doesn’t only use ping but also TCP / UDP protocols.
Second - the sever has 0 problems at all. My latency there is good. And the website I mentioned above can ping / TCP / UDP it w/o any issues too. On the other hand when I start a GR or normal rift I’m connected to other servers on seemingly the same server cluster like or And that is where the problems begin. My latency skyrockets up to 3 - 3.5k ! Absolutely unplayable. Then I go to town and it is ok again.

And what a coincidence only those ips that cause problems can’t be pinged (TCP / UDP) by https://check-host.net/ . It can’t be my ISP because then I 'd have high latency with too which is not the case.

As for traceroute you can see it here - https://i.imgur.com/yXU4jdI.png

Hello Gilvar!

No response would generally mean the destination is offline completely, or simply blocking ping traffic. If you have another method of connection such as a mobile phone to test with please try this. If the issue persists, while having the event of high latency please perform the below and make a ticket uploading the files:


A traceroute file

Pathping file

Looking Glass file

Msinfo file

Upload them to https://pastebin.com/ then reply here with the link. To post the link, after pasting it, select it and press the </> preformatted text button.
If you’re not comfortable posting these details on pastebin or on the forums, please use: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1202/ticket


  • Go to windows search
  • CMD
  • Open CMD
  • enter the command : netstat -o
  • save results to a text file

Hi Rejuvithorn!
I think this topic should be merged with my previous one https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/cant-start-a-new-game-or-join-any-public-games/2362/3
sorry for the inconvenience. All the files (tracert, msinfo, netstat -o etc can be found there)