Afking due to real life incidents on single player

One of the worst things I find in Diablo III is the fact that I can’t go afk for more than a few minutes on a hardcore hero (non hardcore is not a big deal after all).

It’s like you’re saying that if something happens in real life, I have to finish whatever I was doing in the game, get to a safe spot and only then get to the matter at hand. And when I return and find out that I disconnected and died it’s my problem.

It worked much better in Diablo II, I understand that people might exploit this and find ways to cheat, but can’t you at the very least prolong the time the game can stay on pause, is 30 minutes too much? also, could make it so a person couldn’t do this more than a few times each month or something so people wouldn’t load the server if that’s one of your concerns…

In the end, since it seems like this game turns to be a “classic” one you could also revive on request, it shouldn’t that much time to check the logs and see if the person is exploiting the system or just had to do something in real life so he couldn’t get back in time.

So I hope it won’t be such an issue in Diablo IV, either way I think I’ll stop making hardcore heroes, you probably won’t change anything, either because you don’t want end the “legacy”, hate the community or just don’t want to work on something that doesn’t bring you that much income anymore.

Hello Chanter,

We appreciate your feedback but this is the Technical Support forum section so you should post your suggestion/request in the General Discussion section.