Any info about s19 start?;)


Hello! Maybe U have any info about it?


Nope, there’s been no blog posted yet to announce the release date for Patch 2.6.7 going live and/or the start date for Season 19.

Season 18 ends tomorrow at 17:00 CET and as seasons always start on a Friday, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that S19 will start on the 15th, so you’re probably looking at Friday 22nd for S19, with Patch 2.6.7 being released on Tuesday 19th (Pacific Time) / Wednesday 20th (CET).

When someone spoke to Nevalistis (the US Community Manager) a couple of days ago, she indicated that there should be an announcement on Monday / Tuesday of next week.


I was on US servers early & in chat it was aid there was an announcement & that it starts on the 17th. I hope it is the 15th. Lately we have been getting less & less warnings so I will not be surprised if it is the 15th I do so hope that it is the 15th as most people will not level fast if it is the 17th!


Seasons always start on a Friday, so there’s no way it will be on the 17th as that’s a Sunday.

For the last half a dozen seasons, the gap between the ending season and the next one has either been 5 or 12 days. That means the earliest possible is Friday 15th. As we don’t have an announcement blog yet, and the US Community Manager has mentioned directly to other players that the announcement won’t be coming out until Monday / Tuesday, it’s incredibly unlikely that it’s going to be the 15th. So, as I said, it’s way more likely to be the 22nd.


Probably next friday, or the one after that at the latest.


Hey bub do not shoot the messenger I was just reiterating what I read on US servers chat. Yes you are right recently they have started on a Friday but not always. Also Blizzard did mention they would return to starting on a Friday from whence it has always been a Friday. I am with you I do so hope it is a Friday & that it is the 15th however unlikely you think that is I just wish for it to start then bub :::))

Peace & Love.