Barb Rend/WW with?

Me and my partner are plying together and we are struggling.

I am destroying rifts and he’s kinda lagging behind. Could anyone suggest a combo builld for us? I’m swirling through things, destroying them before his previous characters could do anything.

So please, could anyone suggest a good co-op build? He doesnt want me to change from the Barb…

I’m not sure your WW barb is set up the best way

You can look at the low end of leaderboards for solo barb (right click a hero to see details) to get some inspiration. You can also search for maxroll wastes or icy veins diablo barbarian. The high clears use ancient spear to drag in monsters. It takes some practice. At lower levels other skills can be used, which you can see at maxroll. If you both play the barbarian you can help each other by sharing loot. Another way is that one of you play support barb and the other goes full damage - or start a new hero and get a power boost to level 70. If you look at the 2 player leaderboards you can see examples of support barbs.

Without knowing what class / build your partner is playing, and you’re playing a WW/Rend Barb, that means you’re capable of gathering mobs into tightly packed clumps of mobs, which benefits damaging builds that benefit from Area Damage, e.g. a Bone Spear Necromancer.


I am doing something similar with my brother. I got him finally to play diablo for the first time and we set up a WW for him. To pair with that i go with Frenzy barb. We mostly play the two of us and trying to guide him through the game and i went also with barb cause i wanted to drop for him items that he could actually use. First of all, it is a fun build and i wanted to play that for long, but it’s also actually a decent combo. His WW is overall stronger than my frenzy, kills piles of enemies faster but i am the one that takes care of single targets. That’s one of the good things about this build, it is really efficient killing bosses and rift guardians. The other reason is that, even though i don’t play my barb as a zbarb (pure support) but rather as a typical dps frenzy build, the set itself has many supporting qualities and i end up buffing him as well as my self all the time with the double shouts and all that stuff. He ends up being significantly stronger and tougher thanks to my shouts and war cry. We don’t do any really high GRs, but since it is his first time and he is learning the game, he is having fun, i am having fun and it feels like both of us are usefull at different things and the 2 builds form a cohesive unit overall. I hope i helped, if you want to give a try it’s pretty good. Depends on the content, of course. If you want to blast through the highest grs maybe you need a better dps and a support. But at the end of the day, we are playing the strongest and second strongest barbs right now in the game.