Can we PK or are we going back to casual friendly?

One of major reasons I didn’t play D2 online was because I really didn’t want to be constantly ganked by other players as I had absolutely zero interest in PvP. I played very little online and what I experienced was two things: firstly some scammers fishing people’s login info in the chat and secondly me being ganked higher level players.

That was enough online experience of D2 for me.


I don’t like the idea of consensual dueling because its taken straight from WOW. 99% of my time on Diablo 2 is in hardcore and when someone hostiles me, I get that adrenaline fight or flight response depending the level of the character, the class of the character, and the skill-ability of the player. If it was consensual dueling, all of those feelings would be removed and I feel like dueling would start off as not that popular and just die out over time.

My level 97 Hardcore Druid got Pk’d by a Pally and later my ear was posted on JSP because he wanted to show my humiliating defeat but that’s what makes the game fun. Instead of crying and whining about it, I just remade and got to level 96.

If they don’t do something similar to Diablo 2, then it just won’t be as fun and you’ll take out all the emotion in the dueling.

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You know how this could be solved…By just not turning your Diablo game into an open world game…With private games…

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Basically this. This is why getting high ranked in Hardcore actually mean something. If they make pvp consensual then it really hampers the experience. Even giving players a choice is way too casual for a game like Diablo. We don’t need another Diablo 3

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Because it prevents high level players ganking low level players, resulting in the low level players having to roll a new hero, just to satisfy the ego of the high level players? No thanks.


You have summed it up quite nicely, Meteorblade. :+1:

I could not have explained my own dislike of PVP any better.

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no pk ot pvp in this tipe game you have wow mow and other blizz games go play there !!!

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There is a reason for there being so very few forced-pvp mmo games out there. It has something to do with revenue and profit. I’m somewhat unclear as to how that works, though.

  • you didn’t gank anyone , if they wanted to fight they would if not "save & exit "
  • i prefer pvp zones where they can’t run away or use potions

So, their alternatives were…

  1. Die
  2. Have to stop playing

Imagine my shock that more people aren’t in favour of non-consensual PvP when someone else’s desire to kill them makes them have to log off.


PvP is never very popular in the grand scheme of things in games that offer PvPvE… but by god the people that do don’t half like demanding that everyone else has to do it too.

I honestly think it’s because they know it’s harder to find PvP without forcing it on everyone.

PvP is not a general like or dislike, it can be enjoyed in one game and hated in the next. Like I can enjoy the PvP in something like BDO but absolutely hate WoW’s PvP… PvE is simpler and has broader appeal I don’t see what PvP contributes to the enjoyment of PvE at all.

I invaded alot of dark souls, got disconnected from the host more times than I can count. It’s just not a popular mechanic and even if they did allow for something like disconnects then people would just complain about that instead.

Simple fact is, you can’t make people do something they don’t want to. Time to get to grips with it.


Before I came back to playing D3, I played Trion World’s MMO called Rift. If you think non-consensual PvP is a good idea, I’ve got a screenshot for you that might change your mind…

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And this is precisely why I approve of opt-in PVP. I don’t want to have my game session interrupted by some greedy anti-social dude who is in interested in nothing but interfering with other peoples enjoyment of the game.

I should not have to “save & exit” and then restart my game session because of some other stupid player with no morals.


For these I want to gank/fight anyone anywhere at anytime players why not just add it as an extra mode like Hardcore etc. Though I bet the mode will be next to empty.

^this sums it up perfectly

In minecraft there is one option on some servers that u can put /pvp on and /pvp off, and it works only if both parts have it on. Then it is for sure consensual and can be duelled everywhere.
There are friends that like to duel for fun, or ppl that like to join games and find some other duellers. I think about the option in diablo2 where u can name a game “Duel” and ppl that likes it can join.

Or else I dont like the duel option in d2, especially in hardcore, it destroyed the hc mode for me, i only played in private passwordedv games and thats not always the fun.

If d4 will have a hardcore mode, then free duelling is not possible in that mode, and as many tells above - it really destroys an online game when u are into one quest and someone disrupt it that way. Not fun to leave a game when u have worked hard on some quest.

My tip is the minecraft version to toggle /pvp on and off - if they will implement pvp.

Bunch of minecraft kids playing Diablo these days. Sad times.

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I like the idea of pvp, its another layer of the game and reason to make your char stronger. Its like watching a football game and not agreeing with the refs decision, will give you something to talk about.

Whats with the pvp nonsense in diablo? You want pvp there are 999,999 mil of games out there you can just do that. Can we have just a normal diablo game with single play only and if i wish a ladder tournament with multiply just like d2 and nothing more? is that to hard to do in this version? Stop forcing nonsense stuff in a hack&slash game. I do not a random dude in my game because its a open online zone its fun? No its not. If i wish to play that kind of games i can activate world of warcraft.

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Even for me back then when I played Diablo 2 it made no sense to kill each other while there is a big threat out there where the heroes should work together.

Best action would be if they want to make it so badly you have to play online and there is no option too set it on solo player only. Then that would be PvP server and a PvE server.