Can't start a new game or join any public games

Today I played d3 without any issues then took a break for 3-4 hours when I came back I found out i can’t start a game. I can log in the game, see my characters but i can’t join a public game nor I can start a new private game. The screens shows the game is loading (lights are flashing below on the screen) but after 4-6 seconds I m back in the character screen with a message ‘The game connection has been lost : your client has been disconnected from the server’. What I have tried to do

  1. reinstall Diablo 3 (with deleting and Blizzard folders in Program files etc) - nothing
  2. used netsh winsock reset / ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew etc commands. - to no avail
  3. restart computer / restart my router - nothing
  4. tried to play in Asia / NA servers - still same problem there too - I can’t start a game.
    What could happen in those 3-4 hours i didn’t play? I’m the only person using this computer and I didn’t even turned it off it was on all the time.

also if I traceroute to diablo 3 server it shows high packet loss on the route (outside of my ISP network though). See here plz :
Please help

I did some researching doing TCPView software. When I start Diablo 3 it connected to and the connection is ok. PingPlotter shows no issues either. Then once I press ‘Start a game’ button, Diablo 3 tries to connect to And it is there where it has troubles. Because PingPlotter shows 100% packet loss for that server. It can’t connect to it. So maybe you should test if that server is really working and up?

The ping spike and packet loss on those hops will be because commercial networks will de-prio ICMP (ping) traffic as it’s not important.

The fact your issue is both on US and EU, which will have different routes, would suggest something else is afoot.

Please generate the following files:

A traceroute file during the time of a problem

Pathping file

Looking Glass file

Msinfo file

Upload them to then reply here with the link. To post the link, after pasting it, select it and press the </> preformatted text button.
If you’re not comfortable posting these details on pastebin or on the forums, please use:

Thanks for your reply!
Today I can start a new game (though loading time from the character screen to the town is very long. ABout 30-60sec) and in town my latency is good (about 90 - 120ms). When I enter a normal rift or GR my latency goes orange or red (about 500-700ms up to 2k). Unplayable. When I return to town my ping is immediately ok again. Go to the rift - i got high latency. Very strange seems like 2 different instances with different servers each. -pathping.txt - tracert.txt - looking_glass.txt - msinfo32 -netstat -o

Also please see these images : . They are from TCPView software. The upper one shows 2 connections opened by Diablo 3 when everything is OK. I’m in town or in character selection menu.
The lower one shows 3 connections by D3 when I"m in a Rift. You see that the extra connection is 37.244.32.xx (or sometimes 37.244.33.xx) and it always causes problems with high latency for me.