Community Issues

You cannot leave this community. You are not a member. (Code 319000)

There was a problem entering the community chat channel. (Code 319018)

I have 4 communities left, wonder what error they will get when Blizzard maintenance again…???


Hello Xiansai,

Sorry to hear that you’ve encountered those issues. Could you try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in here?

Yes tried them all - nothing works. Seems like every time you guys try to fix something, you only make everything worse…


It doesn’t work when i tried all suggested steps as well.

And still no Community fix - gg Blizz

same issue going on for weeks and i shared which communities has problems under that post but it didnt get fixed. This game is old and not many people paying it and the only way to get a team is through the communities and its broken. Can’t leave or join their chat channels and only 1 community working out of 9 i’m in this is really bothering. Please help.

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i also get this. you can also see, there are alot less people in every communities…

And now (as expected) I lost my last 4 communities…

Would it be possible to get all the communitys you are in wiped from a GM?

Yeah, same issue, and the Region switch fix only resets buggy ones from my last atempt to leave or join. As soon as I try to leave one again, it bugs out again :frowning: I really wanna switch communities, since I’m playing hc this season, and i’m in sc coms… pls fix it :frowning:

I also have problems joining or leaving communities. Plz guys fix it asap

Just to make it clear. Communities I left are popping in and out of my list at every restart of the game, on their own. Like there is some backlog from my previous actions of leaving/joining. Those that I didn’t leave, because they never acted on me, seems fine. EDIT: Nope, all are acting up, just got dc-ed from another, can’t connect back :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

And now, the latest maintance killed my last working community GG :joy: :joy:

I tried the region switcharoo, but still the same ol’319018, can’t leave, can’t join, can’t connect, can’t accept invites that came from private comms. :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: