Constant lag all day

Still no official blizzard statement? This is getting ridiculous. EU servers unplayable all day, with no end in sight?

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There are 15-17 hop’s between you and blizz server. Which hop is lagging?

Agreed. I would expect an organisation of this size to have provided some feedback by now. I wasn’t able to play at all yesterday evening. Anyone out there?? #allHandsOnD4DeckAlready ?

Lag, not latency.

Play at high GR levels, with lots of mobs on-screen, gathered into small areas, with lots of area damage going on, and you’ll see regular freezes, sometimes for upwards of 20 seconds where you get no response to your input and then, all of the server-side calculations catch up, your inputs are all carried out and, generally, your heroes are dead.

Latency is how long it takes your network traffic to get to the server and back. Lag includes the server-side processing between your traffic going to the server and the response coming back. It’s why, if you’ve ever watched some of the solo GR150 runs on YouTube, you’ll see players regularly pressing Escape to come to the menu screen. That’s to allow the server to catch up with calculations. This is a server-side performance issue, exacerbated by area damage (and some classes / builds), not the time it takes traffic to go back and forth.

AD lag is there since AD was put into game, I wouldn’t expect it gonna be fixed ever.

Awhile ago, I read in one of the moderator’s posts, a guide to fixing lag issues. One of the suggestions solved the matter for good: “From the app go to game settings. Change from 64 to 32 bit”

Although I imagine this is going to yield different results with different PC specifications