D3 Bots...out of control

Hi everyone,

This is me posting this here because this is out of control. This is the 5th bot I have seen doing bounties this session so far.

Someone please do something about this crap.


not gona happen
this problem is 2 3 years old so far noting

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Good for you, i always gets humans who afking, rifting or just fapping in town while i do the quests.


Fapping is the only way most people can stay the unbalance in this game i mean as a ww barb i do 5 quests on T16 before a wd do 1…

A fairly recent blue post on the US forums would suggest the opposite.

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A decent wd can be fast or atlest he try to do something…

it might be your 5th bot in the session but this might be the 5000th thread on the topic and still nothing

From one of the game producders on the US forums…

As for bots, their time is coming.

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Off topic, but what were you doing droping in on a boss kill in split bounty?
At least bot was doing some work lol.

If the prompt pops up right after you have finished your own bounty, there is no problem with helping to defeat a boss more quickly.

Thats a common misconception that will often kick you from the public bounty game, if theres bounty left to do clicking to join on boss kill is a waste of time.

You don’t know if he helped kill the boss or not. Sometimes I see players stay in the same area for a long time after finishing their quest so I port to them to see what’s up.

Yes, we do. You can’t teleport to someone inside a boss instance so the only way for two people to be at a boss is for both of them to have accepted the invite to the fight.

u know you will be banned right?!

U can’t post videos in forum to show players use bot. I got banned once because of that.
I dont wanna u get banned to, but i hope they apply same rules for everyone.

Dont report bot players, just do the same!

He is right, not about showing people using bots in particular . But im pretty sure it falls under naming and shaming. You can totally make out nickname of all players there. If you have read forum rules you would know you are in violation.
As it seems obvious to anyone that the player is using bot, you have no hard evidence to support it. He could just had a stroke after an exhausting fight.

ofc! U dont even imagine how many times that happen to me now! And sometimes, my cat play too… so… u get it!
“If u can’t defend them, join them!”

just look at the nr1 barb on eu leaderboards. botting from the start for everyone to see and still he is on there

Blizzard can’t finish with bots, because players like this:

Gotta love that Clan name… lol!

You do understand that it was a joke?
Its not because of players. Its because you need some hard evidence to ban people.
Imagine you messing about in game, people recording you and then claiming you are a bot.
Now imagine blizzard banned you from the game that you paid for with no hard evidence that you were actually in violation.
What i can imagine is you coming back here to rant and getting banned from forum too.

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