D3 too easy for new players


There ought to be a sticky about this. Compared to when ROS was released the Campaign mode is now much too easy for new players because they can’t crank up the difficulty to torment levels before they reach level 70 and they can’t play in Adventure mode (in non season) before completing the campaign (or at least the boss in act 5).
So for new players it will be best to start with a season hero (which of course requires that a season is active) and then, when they’ve reached level 70, they can switch to campaign and play at a more satisfying difficulty (and they won’t have the benefit of Kanai’s Cube… Edit: If you have Kanai’s Cube in Adventure mode the effects from it carry over into Campaign mode - you just need to be in Adventure mode to access and it and make changes ).
(There might be a few details missing in what I’ve written).


they should all start in expert difficulty.
it is damn boring to play campaing in normal.


Even my niece knows to start a new game on Master difficulty if she intends to play Solo. When she’s grouping with me or friends, she starts at Expert difficulty.

And she’s only 13…


For someone’s very first hero, they cannot do that. Your niece can only do so because she’s previously completed the campaign.


That’s not the point. Which was whenever a new season starts, and she starts a new fresh hero, she does so on Master…


You didn’t mention seasons in your first post in the thread…


Well, the topic is aimed at brand new players - often complaining that campaign is too easy. It’s a pity that they can’t experience the same thrill and suspension that we had in 2012 and 2014.


I was not aware of this limitation for new players and I get the idea that the blizzard team has not been aware about or thinking about this. If they opened the difficulties to at least torment 1 to start with in the campaign would be reasonable in my opinion.


Apologies. I took it for granted that people would understand my meaning to be regarding seasons. I’ll try to elaborate a little more clearly next time.


Well it depends… I find the leveling and gearing process to be a chore when doing it through the campaign.

Also i find upping the difficulty is a double edged sword, you increase monster power but also seriously speed up your leveling process causing items you gain to get outclassed super quick.

This can lead to situations where you end up with replacing your chest armour like 3 times but still wearing those legs from 15 levels ago (it gets worse over 60).

The game is wildly inconsistent. Can get a legendary drop at 60+ that will make getting to 70 on one character much easier, on another of the same class you may not get one and it will be significantly more difficult… Can’t even put much thought into gear since it needs to be replaced quickly (for trying to get though enrages on bosses).


I’m not sure inconsistent is the right word to describe it.

I recall my Season 13 Crusader, Catherine. Very early on in the season, she found an ancient Wildwood legendary with some really great property rolls and used it from start to end. It was nearly a year after she became a non-season hero that she finally found a suitable replacement, but by-the-by happened to be a primal items.

Some might call this a little extreme on RNG, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wildwood doesn’t have a legendary affix. Therefore any weapon with some useful skill multiplier on it, even if non-ancient, would have been massively better.


I know that! Everyone does. I think.

We both know how wildly the RNG in Diablo 3 can vary from one instance to another. In this one, for the duration of Season 13, never did I find a suitable replacement for the ancient Wildwood I found early in the season.


Question is did you level as a new player would though the campaign? Or adventure mode?

Grinding mobs don’t enrage, bosses do. Ofc there are bounties I will admit, but that still gives nice options.


I’ve actually started to play in hardcore on expert difficulty. And suddenly D3 became a completely different game.


I have to agree, I started the game on Hard and was breezing through it so cranked it up to Masters and yeh against any boss Im still able to stand still while spamming R-Click, the only time I ever died was when I got caught off guard by the minions that explode after death.