D4 gameplay - first impression. What do you think ?


Just saw some Druid’s gameplay on Utube (Game Informer):

Looks like the skills are taken and reskinned from existing D3 class (barbarian tornadoes, crusader fist of heaven…, wiz blizzard…)

In my opinion, Fights look less dynamic than D3
Game engine and UI looks Great but I was expecting something different, better and most importantly, new compared to D3.

My only fear : Open world, zones with PVP …sounds like a futur MMO.

What do you think ?


I think it’s way too early to start nitpicking game mechanics that have not even been decided yet. :wink:


Well diablo IV will be an mmo game and game as a live service so it’s possible game mechanics will be simplified due to focus on console gamers and mmo nature of the title.