D4 waaay too satanic?


Haha damn you’re serious? It’s a reskinned version of Diablo 3. Even the sounds are completely the same. There’s even a freakin treasure goblin in it and the enemy skills are just the same as in D3 and it plays exactly the same way. At first I thought that some dude just used a mod to D3 to change the inventory and create a druid character and made a hoax video, but this is really Diablo 4 gameplay! This kind of lazy production is worse than the FIFA series.

Tell me this isn’t just Diablo 3 but with runes? I’m not even looking forward to it …

Oh well, back to Diablo 2.


This^^^^^…says it all

Ps i laught my ass off :)))


Play some Dark Souls dude and You will change your mind lol.


Have fun… :sleeping:


While some might feel the game is either too dark, or really nice. I wouldn’t say no to more gore, more blood, more limbs, more chilling stories, more close to impossible quests and more “satanic” stuff, which to me is just wicca or common alchemy dark design, or mishmash of mythologies / religions. Its goth, even though the first area is celtic.

I welcome the darkness, I wish it was more nightmarish, but thats just me.


Doesn’t play the first Diablo; says Diablo IV too devilish.


I hope the game comes out with a blood offering pact before installing as a ‘‘Terms and Conditions’’ deal.


The Devs said in the interviews that they made it “darker” intentionally. Like you said they wanted to harken back to D2’s aesthetic, also as you mentioned the graphics at that time were not what we have now.
I believe a reason that D4 may seem more “evil” is that graphics(especially the cinematic) are now at a point where they are darn near life-like.
With that the Devs are able to show us in a more visceral way the stuff that was there in D2 but didn’t translate as easily due to technical limitations.
Yeah it is a dark and bleak world but that is what they are going for. They are showing us the stakes, telling the players that the world in the game is in a bad place and imploring you to save it.
Ultimately though it’s just a game, if it makes you uncomfortable you are justified to give it a pass. Do what makes you happy at the end of the day, that’s what games are for! :slight_smile:


Also I am pretty sure you did not notice a lot of the satanic elements and gore. E.g. the flayed bodies, the rivers of blood in Durance of Hate, the Catacombs etc.


As other have mentioned in the own replies, you need to realize the that the whole point of the game is the destruction of evil. Not the promotion of it.

If you still feel that Diablo IV is too satanic for you, then you need to open up the door to your rabbit hole and have a look around outside for a bit. Look at all the other games, books, tv series and movies out there that draw their inspiration from the dark and occult.

It’s just fantasy. None of it is real.


Look at Syria, for starters.


well someone sure is lost.


The series is called Diablo (literally means Devil) and has always been inspired by religious and occult themes. To see them at least make an attempt to go back to the roots is encouraging, though it has to be more than just superficial.

Diablo II was great because it was capable of making me uneasy, sometimes even downright afraid to go on as a young lad. The further down you went, the more disturbing things got and it was reflected in the level design. The descent down the monastery on the way to Andariel is probably the best example of this.

I don’t know how or if Blizzard can manage to make the god-slaying Nephalem feel even the slightest bit of fear given how powerful they are, but I hope they find a way. Crushing your enemies is great fun and all but the thing I probably missed the most in Diablo III was a sense of dread and fear.

Hopefully they can capture that atmosphere again in Diablo 4.

  • what gave it away the game’s name ? or Lilith’s big horns ?


I’ve played Diablo 3 with 5 year olds. I feel Diablo 3 doesn’t fit the rated M for mature title at all. If anything Diablo 4 isn’t dark enough.


And I like it that way. Even not dark enough for me. I think Blizz should remove those exagerrated, still cartoony skill animations.


Since diablo is satan, you are saying this exact words: Satan 4 is waaay to satanic


Look at little Zothar junior, gonna cry?


D3 is ok but no it’s not dark at all, I alwayliked gore dark fantasy titles so I welcome as much bodies, blood and heresy as I can! If anything diablo4 could be even darker. We will see how the music going to be like.


As a Christian myself I actually want Diablo to be even more satanic. That’s because inside grim hopeless occult environment playing Paladin or another positive/radiant archetype is much more satisfying for me. Not to mention that the more occult crap I can smash with my flail the better.