D4 with microtransactions



in english: “Blizzard will add option to buy cosmetic in D4”

This is true?


Covers a stream from Quin69, in conversation with a Blizzard Dev, who confirmed D4 is full price game, will have charged-for expansions and will include micro-transactions for cosmetics.


It’s optional, or you will go full cry baby on this?

cry cry I won’t buy this if it has microtransaction cry cry


Cry about that? ofc not. I only wish they make us all pay for:
Pets, Horses, Weapons, More stash tabs, More Skills, more and better Legendary, let us change stats in ancient items, Wings!!

And ofc, i will pay for:
Better looking armor (because the most ugly are in game u have payed), i can pay for diferent monsters, u know… If we dont pay, i realy hope they add same monsters everywhere and let us pay for diferent one in others areas.

I can pay too, to identify items. Every time i need identify new item, i can pay for that!
To trade with other players?! Give us the option to “buy trade tickets”

well, i can pay for alot more of stuff…
What will u like to pay for? after the game ofc.

U need a blacksmith?! Pay for it!!!
i’m not cry, i only say this will be my perfet Diablo 4 game!

and what abou this one: “Latency” ?!

to get 0ms ~ 5ms = 25€ for 4 hours
for 6ms ~ 50ms = 23.50€ for 4 hours
for 51ms ~ 150ms = 20.99€ for 4 hours
for 150ms ~ 200ms = 19.99€ for 8 hours
+201ms = U need to pay, but blizzard offer u that one because they love us!


Pay every time you create/delete a char!
Pay for login, and get DC after 2 hours.
Pay for only one classe. If u wanna play with other race, u need to buy other game!


If they allow us to pay for Weapons, Stash Space, More Skills, Better Legendary items and Stats Changes, then Diablo IV will become Pay-to-Win.

Pure cosmetics in the lines of Pets, Mounts, Transmogs, Dyes, etc will be OK.

In other words, micro-transactions for anything that changes the hero in looks only is acceptable.


The Microtransactions are just a slap in the face, it’s going to be a full priced game.
They could have made it into in game rewards, but instead there going to squeeze every cent from there loyal customers.

And we had so many publishers over the years that people are accepting microtransactions if it is cosmetic?! But than again if this is the mind set from people, they are going to continue with it.


And why u have to pay for that if u will pay for full game?
They will give us the most ugly and force u buy cosmetics? No sense!!!
If they release some tool to players make MODs and sell it and Player take the profit, that will be ok and have sense.

But i will pay for all!!! I can pay just for one demo.


I’ve seen lots of people wanting to pay for stash space.


I’m fine with micro transactions for cosmetics. This is important for it’s longevity. You can only support a game so far when the only income is initial purchase (look at D2 and D3). If people keep spending money on D4, there will be more people working on it, improving it, add expansions new areas etc.

Cosmetic micro transactions are the best type of micro transactions IMO.


I thought, what if devs add possibility to buy cosmetic items that were rewards for passed seasons. So those players who played the season could fairly get them, but those who did not have a chance to do so for some reason, could pay to get them later (at least some of us should have life). Seems viable, or not?

Just don’t make the regular items ugly as hell. And everybody will be fine…


May the light protect us from Micro Transactions!!

On a serious note, I think this will all come down to implementation. The extreme example here is Fall(flat)out 76. If D4’s MTs are gonna nickle and dime the community, it will become an issue that could ultimately ruin the Diablo franchise.

I just hope everyone (looking at the big wigs counting money in the corner) keeps their heads on straight when it comes to what gets MTed and how that translates over to a full priced game. Ultimately D4 will be a Full Priced game and the money men have to keep that in mind when they stock the MT store…


With micro transactions, the best cosmetics, the most crazy effects and etc… Will be in shop.

U pay for one full game. But you will get the best cosmetics only if you pay.
With micro-transantions will be 2type of players. And blizzard only care about one type. And that type will be, players who have money to spend. :stuck_out_tongue:

If u don’t have money after u work 10days to buy the game, u will be a nacked monk!!

But if i got the money, well, u get it!


I almost hope Diablo IV will be so expensive that it’ll prevent all the Blizz haters from getting it.


Cosmetic are included there? All package? Or u’r talking only about base game?


Base game of course… and some wings and stuff for people who pre-order :grin:


Yep, totally get it, and that’s the concern)
I’m just such a kind of person who wasn’t noticing that I could change item’s appearance through the half a year playing diablo 3)

I mostly care about being able to get the items i like through playing actual game. Even when it includes limitations like if items are temporarily available through gameplay.

If i can earn it, i don’t care about people who bought it) The whole game is eternal grinding anyway)

So little cases where microtransactions made right, so I could not even give an example(


It will game a live service game, of course there will be cosmetics in there. As far as it’s cosmetics I really don’t care though.


No-one will force you to buy anything through micro-transactions. For the time being, I’ll support the idea by virtue that it will generate revenue for Blizzard which would allow for further development of content such as expansions.

Or have you forgotten that Diablo 3 was a pay-once, play forever game? We only got to see one of the 2 planned expansions. Why? Did they just blindly decide to cancel the second expansion, or was it because Diablo 3 didn’t do exactly as well as they had hoped, and they could not finance the second expansion.

If they fall over into a monthly or even annual subscription model, then I’ll not be playing Diablo IV.

The only way that D4 can succeed is with pay-once play forever model including optional micro-transactions to fund further development.


Wanna sell cosmetics? it’s ok if game is free! Like… PoE ! Yeah!!!
Its a free game, but u pay:

200Points = 20€ and then u X points for “cosmetics”.

6x Premium Stash Tab = 200Points (20€ NICE!!!)
Void Emperor Armour Pack = 250Points ( Woahhhhh)
Skin effect? Skitterbots Skin = 150Points (I have this one in PoE)
Drakeling Pet = 210Points (i have it too)
Sin and Innocence Sword = 360Points ( yep. 36€ for a simple cosmetic )

u get it?
PoE is 100% Free and u only buy “cosmetics” ( i have +/- 1500€ in there. It’s ok to mee)

But u know… Why not! Let’s do the same in Diablo :wink:
I can pay for it!

or u can pay in Pack ( all in one)

  • Sentinel Supporter Forum Title
  • Sentinel Weapon Effect
  • Sentinel Pet
  • Sentinel Portrait Frame
  • Blight League Extended Digital Soundtrack

To low for you? then u can buy:

  • Bane Lich Supporter Forum Title
  • Bane Lich Armour Pack
  • Lich Weapon Effect
  • Bane Lich Hood
  • Lich Aura Effect
  • Bane Lich Portrait Frame
  • Lich Portrait Frame
  • Blight League Extended Digital Soundtrack

I hope ( i’m serius) they do the same in here too.