DH looking for Crus Con or Invok for 105+ grifts

I am looking for a crusader to do 105+ grifts as long as you have the attack speed law. I want to play a style were condemned kill trash and elites while I snipe elites and I want to play with a invoker that hunts yellows and kills 1 out of 3 blues and skips the blues that are 5 (probably need to be minimum paragon 1500 for invoker or have superb gear). Simple as that, just something I want to try out. Add me u can see my numbers in my profile if u are interested.

Edit: Blessed shield works fine too as long as you have the right law and order :wink:

You have seasonal and non-seasonal Invokers.
Which mode are you aiming for?

I am playing DH this season and the invoker is just trashing around. I am looking for crusaders here, not offering.

Sorry, it sounded like you were asking for a combination of a Condemn Crusader and an Invoker Crusader.

If you’re on about partnering your seasonal Shadow/Impale DH with a Crusader, it makes a lot more sense to go for a Condemn (for grouping and area damage) or Blessed Shield (great area damage) than Invoker, as there’s very little point having two elite-hunting heroes duo’ing.

Anyway, I can’t offer what you’re asking for in season, so good luck.