Diablo 3 Game idea

I will just start to make a quick salute to game devs and blizzard.
Have been playing d3 since day one. I need a game that i could start and stop as i pleased. This game has had its share of ups and downs. But mostly ups. Kind of why i still love playing this game as much as i can while still beeing a father and a family man:) This is the by far the game i have played the most in my 39 year of gaming career<3

Now to the point:
Hard to get.
But once you get one. It is likely to bet a random unusefull item. Or in best case a usefull but badly rolled stats.
So i have been wanting to ask if the could be a way to utilize these primals?
For example:
Use 5 unwanted primals at Kanais Cube to reroll another primal or ancient? So one may be so lucky to get some usefull stats.

Hope this idea could worth some testing and maybe even implemented.



Cool idea Wolffie80 - it would be great to have a 2nd shot or something useful to try with useless primals.

I was also pretty keen on this idea seen on this thread:

Allow 2 properties to be enchanted on primals instead of 1