Diablo 4 fails. Refund your ultimate edition

Beta just started, and it’s the usual blizzards stoneage servers over again. Spare your money you will just sit in que, in your head start time.

And be prepared that only a group of players can play at release, because the lag of space on servers.

The fact there is no offline just makes this even worse. And in diablo 2 resurrected there are still que on season start. That just show how bad there servers is.

The release is doomed even before it’s here. I hoped they had learned there lesson. But nope, same crap every time. Thank God i haven’t spend money on this.

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They should make a very rare cosmetic obtainable only if you manage to login. lol


They should give us a gold medal for that haha

I am so disappointed! Diablo 3 is 1000x so much better and enjoyable which Diablo IV is not. So I did refund and I dont even know if I wanna play Diablo IV when it is out.