Diablo 4 feedback (From a former D2 No. 1 HC ladder player)

OK here are some things i thought of that could/ could not be taken into consideration by the devs.

Tradeing should be left free as in no restrictions (its not wow diablo never had bind on pickup) its a stupid thing to add and it creates chaos.
It messes with the tradeing system. People like to trade top tier items and make good currency of those and buy other high endgame items to min max there characters. Its a never ending circle. Items anyhow need to be grinded they dont fall from the sky anymore or so they sed.There could be some special items what drop like from world bosses or a specific boss what diversifies the end game besides dungeons and whathever you have in mind. Idea is item prices will fix themselfs in time and a oveerflow in some form of currency or a otherwill always exist but this is where point 2 comes in.

Adding new legendaryes/nerfing others is a good thing its ballance change and helps the game allot evan the trade mentioned in point 1.
Heres how i see it: Il give a lame example the stone of jordan ring witch gives + 1 to all skills lets say this whould be a sought off items and very expencive what if in season 2 you ballance it like this ‘’+ 1 to all skill lvls for X seaconds if Y condition is met’’ activly nerfing the ring and ballancing it at the same time. Might be good for some builds might be bad for others but it crerates diversity and in its stead a other item whould take its place as high market sell point. Ballancing evrey season as it comes around by the new items/gear themes that are introduced. You dont need to make it like this but its a example of what you can play around with to make meta builds new and interesting evrey season.Nerf a build create a other. dont need to add damage numbers to skills and tallents and multiplyers over multiplyers like Diablo 3 had that effectivly ruined the game you just have to tweek the items allready existing in the game and in some case add somthing new.

Point 3 Level of the game

Level of the game should be 100 and not that easy achiveble simple as that

Point 4.Legendary items

From what i heard legenday items will drop the same for diferent lvls so youl get the same legendary item over and over again as you lvl and farm. Thats a mistake
The legendary system should progres whit your lvl but insted of geting that item over and over again you should drop higher lvl more powerfull items as the game progresses. If you realy like a low lvl legendary you could implement a artisan or some system that raises the lvl of a item at a cost. Droping the same thing over and over again its repetitive and becomes boaring.It whould become a loot hunt for + 1 stat for evrey item equiped what frakly whould kill the game in the end.Its ok to get duplicate items as long as they are the same tier lvl not one from starting the game and one in end game but with diferent stats . Thats just lazy in my opinion.

Point 5 End game

So in this years blizzcon they presented 1 form of the end game trough dungeons (they sound more like poe map system than rifts but call them what you will) Idea is that as long as that key holds more than just 1 affix it becomes interesting. The more dangerous the better and the higher value

A other form of end game content is to farm some sort of uber versions of the bosses. other is world bosses theres potential there

Final point Crafting:

Crafting in diablo games never had a sweet spot lets be real. Diablo 2 had a easy level starting system called INBUE and that was it there was some crafting trough runewords and gems but i could hardly call that crafting.

Diablo 3 had the worse crafting i ever seen . none of the items you crafted where basicly ussable at end game.

Crafting is based more or less on creating your own items with the stats you like/need at a cost. So if rare items are not to become a thing in diablo 4 i realy see no need for crafting.Legendary/set/mythic items have fix stats and thats how it should be but rare items have potential if given enough concern.

I dont know if eny developer sees this or even if theyl take this in consideration but evrey bit helps and i hope feedback from the comunity whould be accnoleged this time around

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3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 i think are a must that blizzard has to take into account but espacially 4. They’ve gotto slow the game down. To me, that’s the most important one of all.

And I must say ( 5 ) I wouldn’t like to see those over-polished/exaggrated animations of characters, mob and skills.
And again, yes open trading and random maps please.

Thanx, OP.


I wholeheartedly agree to your 2nd and 5th comments. Not only bulkiness of bodies but i can say that even the walking/running animations are very much like WOW characters. I think character animations should not be jumpy a la WOW heroic style but it should be more natural and maybe even crippled/stalky, lets say when they drop below 50% HP.


I spent my long years in D2 in Self Found mode, mostly at home. Only occasionally I went online. That basically defines my standpoint - “I hate all of you people”. I’ve joined parties rarely, but when somebody start spilling wisdom or flaming me for my perfect teamwork - well, “draw steel boy!”.
So, for me anything found ‘by trade’ is a bad business - it wouldn’t be so, if there wouldn’t be thousands of bots. Since Blizzard never cared to fix this - what that makes me who worked for my items? Idiot? On bnet, yes.
At home - I choose to play Self Find during D2 (before LoD). I can’t compare the feeling of killing something, get a drop and call it MINE! For most of the best items I found I can remember exactly where and from which monster it dropped - or, in one special case, a tree-trunk in Kuurast - it happens.
It’s understood that I won’t feel that good about items I can could exchange with botter - ‘oh, that handsome and awe-inspiring botter! how GOOD he bargained about additional runes! and handsome, his ingame portrait somehow looked more attractive then all other barbarians’ - not going to happen. Won’t remember. Won’t have adrenaline rush. I’ll just have the item, the end.

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this is why i agree with the uber loot cant be traded. trade the ok/ good stuff but not the uber gear. i wanna find that 1/10000 drop, not trade it. this will also make the gear even more rare as if u get a better 1 u can’t trade it putting more in exitance that are being used.

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I won’t quote the rest because I basically disagree with most.

  1. Trade - high levels trade??? If you don’t trade, you’re not top-tier automatically? D2 trading enforced players to trade and I haven’t liked it one bit.

  2. Seasons - you make a big confusion. Seasons should be just that, as in football. Definition of ‘season as a time of change’ is faulty to the max.
    There are balancing patches, should be released fairly often to balance stuff - not on season to give 50,000% bonus to something. Or even just decreasing imba skill for 5%. I’m a balancer in various product for more than two decades and you should bring much heavier arguments to make me agree that it should happen 3 times / year or whatever. It needs to done whenever disbalances or exploits start to cause problems and unrest between the players. Bug-fixing patches, the same. Content patches and, perhaps, DLCs and Expansions bring content, not Seasons as such. Those are four rather different things. Joining them into one term ‘Season’ reminds, closely, to D3-style seasons.

  3. Leveling - Well, I can live with this, except they intend to make WOW-like system. Don’t know what to think of that. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but it can work…

  4. Legendary items - …and that’s because? Item levels weren’t meant ‘for fun’ or ‘for player torture’ - they have distinctive advantages (sometimes mixed with disadvantages) and should be enabled at certain level. The art of making those mysteriously disappeared in D3, and won’t return for sure in any max lvl60 system.

  5. Endgame - It’s too early, but most important thing is that they are somewhat fun and often a challenge. Rewards should be good, but never to cause that inflation D3 has - ‘and now, only today, a trillion damage!’ Do it today, in next season it will become ten trillions! Oh, joy… I mean… Ten trillions is like ten times more fun, warmness and satisfaction than just one. Right?

[And balance is best achieved on small numbers, adding multipliers, coefficients, raw points, again multiplying - great way to lose your way. And control over game.
Hope someone will read this, because previous balancer obviously wasn’t capable to. Yes, I’ve practically drawn them what to do and which values are good and needed.
Three months later values were basically what I said, and then balancing stopped.
It’s not major proof how I am genius of balancing ARPGs, rather how Blizzard D3 staff can’t comprehend this. WC3 and SC2 are quite good, in contrast. Somewhere in 2008. I made map-pack for WC3, changelogs are eerily similar to current patch. But it doesn’t matter, they will probably do the same if patching continued after 1.27. That was the logical direction]

i like cooldowns personally, they give the game more depth to tactics instead of button bashing , and with gear being able to roll reduce cooldowns u then need to balance dmg/toughness for cooldowns if ur build requires.

i think on the endgame side its too early for ppl to say much as blizzard have more ideas they might add to the game. put forward ideas yeah but ppl shouldn’t slate what there doing already. (not point at ppl in this forum) most ideas in this forum are good

the game mechanics and visuals look good to me, ppl say its a re skin of D3, i say there blind and need glasses. its the best looking game of its type ive ever seen

i want there to be some (20/500 legs) for example super crazy hard gear to find in the game that maybe only 1-10000 ppl might find a week… if u know what i mean. like how D2 was, D3 sucked at this because of the way the builds worked items had to have a high drop rate for ppl to finish there builds. i feel that D4 wont need this rubbish with the way sets wont rule the game.

end game lvling after 99…i think 99 is a good number. But also maybe add a system after lvling to 99 abit like Borderlands 2 (+1% to crushing blow for example) could be interesting. but make these lvl’s a real long grind to get so when u get it u feel like you’ve achieved something. Or if not after lvling have these stats as a real rare drop as a scroll or a book. …just an idea ppl dont scream at me if u don’t like it, just say no thx :slight_smile:

Also if this game is as big as they say (30x bigger than D3 if i heard right) with 100’s of dungeons and keys to make dungeons more challenging, to me this sound like theres years of gameplay as it is. what more do ppl what from a game. Not to mention world bosses and anything else the team might chuck in the game. (again not towards any 1 in this forum unless u did mention this stuff)

pvp in HC … as long as we cant get 1 shotted this sounds fun, i think ppl should be able to try run if needed/if they can. If they cant run …lol.


Please fix the spelling of Suwayyah in Diablo 3, That’s my wish :smiley:

think you got it all wrong

1 Free tradeing as in no BOP items. some people like to play the crafting game. others like adventure , other like to trade (look at POE for a idea in the diferent comunity views)of how they play the game.And yea if they desing the game well and make specific items with very low drop rates as in the Mytic ones than yea normaly if you dont trade your not top tier. You maby farmed a week for a item and didnt find it and realy want it , someone else might have it on sale…you sed you are a game ballancer you should know what min-maxing a character to perfect stats is and what it takes.A bit of player torture is expected when making a perfectcly ballanced game, having all on a platter or easy to achive is just boring.

Second Itemisation

Im not arguing about what you sed about ballancing i mean that adding multiplyers overs multiplyers turns a item into 4 searched stats (crit chance crit damage attac speed + raw dmg beeit elemental or physiscal) Look at diablo 2 stat system what had over 300 if not more stats making you chose whats best for your specific build.Alsaw if you like the same legendary item to drop at lvl 1 and at lvl 100 ok… your preference i personaly dont like it. Again diablo 2 itemisation and drops and how they worked.

Seasons i didnt mean patching only on season change. patching can go troughout the gametime i mean the realy big changes could come with a new season like adding new items nerfing others creating new meta builds etc.

Personaly i dont like D3 for what it is i whouldent evan call it diablo The ‘‘and then whe doubled it’’ messed the game up.Damage in the trilions ,no build variation cose no item variation etc. Failed experiment.

I completely understand why people are for cooldowns. Actually, a few of my close friends in real life and I had a big discussion on the positive and negatives of both systems. It was thing that really drew me to my final conclusion. I can see both sides of the argument on why each side argues for that specific implementation however, I think I could possibly show you a video done by MrLlamaSC (who has a ton of the Diablo 2 World Records when it comes to speedrunning) explaining his personal take on why cool downs may not be the right approach for Diablo 4. Obviously, opinions are hard to change and I’m not going to tell you that your opinion is wrong but after watching his video it made more sense to me especially if someone is torn between both options:

The time stamp for his Cool down approach is at 22:35

Itemization is at 38:28

Overall, I feel this forum post has had massive success in the goal of having people constructively talk about Diablo 4. We are all fans I think it’s good that Blizzard gets to hear our discussion so they could have an open dialog.

Edit: @kiemmaki

I put together my basic-final thoughts after reviewing multiple threads from the EU and US Forums and I’m hoping you can sit down and review it and if possible, use it as Forum feedback along with the Streamers who sat down and are making their impression videos of Diablo 4:

  1. Diablo 3 stash system. Diablo 3 did that great. It was almost a landmark in the ARPG genre because it finally nullified the whole mule system
  2. Individual character levels. I really didn’t like going on a class I haven’t played for awhile then having to allocate all those paragon points into the same thing pattern on every single character.
  3. I feel the importance of Faster Cast Rate (Breakpoints were extremely important in Diablo 2). I think it was a miniature tier system because say my first break point is 60 and my next is 120. It makes that next piece of gear with FCR very important and worth more to me as a player and then I’ll have to choose whether it’s worth having and then if so, what will I lose when equipping that item whether its Magic Find, Resistances, etc.
  4. Magic find should play a role in D4 because of this factor: There are more character builds. I can make a sorcoress specifically designed for gear finding, if I wanna speed through the game I could have no magic find and get a strong overall character. Another build I could make could focus on bossing and finding the best possible items for that. That opens up the realm of multiple characters and helping the replayability of the game.
  5. Teleport without cool down. It was a very good point Jelos made because it made the sorceress so unique. But because of that skill, The sorceress was squishy due to actually receiving less health per vitality point placed in the affix. I think all the characters should have some uniqueness to them and make the player really think and ponder before making a final choice.
  6. The charm system. But if they bring back charms, give them a separate inventory space because the big problem with Diablo 2 was they were so important, people would fill up their entire inventory with them sacrificing everything so if a good item dropped, they wouldn’t have room to pick it up in some cases.
  7. PVP (I won’t get into details because I’m not going to give my opinion on something I’m not sure about regarding open world pvp, pvp zones, or PVP arenas) however, I think if you kill a player, you should get rewarded with the classic ear. I think it would be cool to ear collect and have it mean something especially for hardcore pvpers.
  8. I don’t have a set opinion on difficulties. I’d be okay with scaling but I really liked Diablo 2 & Vanilla Diablo 3 when it came to set difficulties so again, like stated above, Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno (Taken from Diablo 3 and that difficulty being end game content for people who have a complete end game character and have nothing left in the game to do but be challenged 1 last time)
  9. Remove the report system. In every game (Especially xbox live) people abuse it because they get mad another player killed them and want revenge so they try to get the other person banned.
  10. An expanded vision of Diablo 2’s Make/Join game system. I want to be able to see ALL the games and not just some and it refreshes every minute and I would like to see the games made and exited out in real time so you don’t join a game that says 8 people and you join finding out the game has been empty for a few minutes.
  11. Diablo 2 Commands. I for inventory. Q for quests. F keys for key bindings for skills, M to send a message, etc.
  12. Bring back the old style of runewords but there has to be adjustments. Enigma, Infinity, Grief, some were way too powerful and they need adjustments. I think it would be interesting for a player to sit down and say, “Ok, these are runewords I can make OR I can make my own hybrid runeword that may work better for my character class”
  13. Remove Critical damage, Critical Chance, because every build In Diablo 3 was based around having (For say a barbarian) high Strength, Crit Damage, Crit Chance, resistance, etc. The point here is there shouldn’t always be set abilities people look out for and there should be more diversity to the itemization of gear.
  14. Even though I said it once, I want to expand on it: 1-99 or 1-100 leveling system. The issue with the Diablo 3 paragon system was you have 2 things going on and that is 1-69 gear and gear for 70+Paragon. And then once I hit paragon, I’m level 1 then and then can infinitely go to 10,000 paragon if I wanted. i don’t think the game should reward you for signing on and playing for 10 minutes. That’s the exact same thing as a participation Trophy. If I had a track meet and didn’t get First place, I’m not going to ask for a Gold medal because I didn’t earn it. It’s just my analogy towards the whole situation.

If I beat the game and I’m say level 80 and I see a level 99 or level 100 (max level) running around in game, I’m going to know they worked their tail off getting to that level and they made the choice to keep leveling after level 80 after they beat the game. In Diablo 2, it took 5525 baal runs getting from 90-99. I’m not saying make the game only farming bosses all day, but I wanna see that same level of difficulty. The paragon system gave way too much to the player. Critical Damage, Critical Chance, infinite Vitality or strength, it was just too powerful. The difference between a level 95 necromancer and a lv 99 is minimal and it makes the game regain that focus on good loot because that’s what Diablo is as a title.
15. Map overlay. It’s such a small change but people would love being able to choose whether they want a static map or the classic map overlay. Diablo 2 had a few options and I think this would be a great compromise when the game releases to have both the options to pick from.

I know for this edit I may get mixed reactions from the community but I saw a forum post I’d like to address: Death penalties. The Developer team stated they wanted the game to be punishing and not always reward the player (Good doesn’t always win). I think there should be some sort of death penalty at a certain level or difficulty. Whether it’s Diablo 2’s system or something new, that’s for the community to decide. I also found it linear to get the option to respawn ontop of your corpse and never get an option to go out and retrieve your body as a punishment for dying.


This is entirely different then you’ve said the first time. I can’t “suppose” what items are excluded, based on previous post. I agree with this, of course…

Much more. And it had depth achieved through prefix/suffix combination, which had very rare max rolls blues better then rares. Vitually all later games simplified this with ‘affix’, one property with defined range. D2 had two chances in prefix and suffix to roll better value then one prefix alone, at the price of one suffix. This made vibrant drops that no other game had after.

As for Uniques lvl drops, they were ±something, depending of TC they were in. We can agree to disagree, but I wouldn’t personally like to do scaling of each Unique for several times manually, and fill the rest by multipliers - I’d used the same time for making more or making versions with different small, but unique properties which allows more builds based on one Unique or more refined ones - if the same item drop 10 times on fixed level, for example.

If so then seasons should last at least 6 months, just like in D2 and in case if you can really get these second best and fun items, so you could use them untill you get these very good items.
If so then i might support that idea.

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Best thing people lacked in D3 was the system od the items, for ex u wasnt able to find one legendary Item on different lv needed, in D3 u coukd find same Item on lv 10,15,30 or 60 but in D2 specific Item was on specific lv and the only difference on that Item might be few stats that can change . IT was the jest thing that wasnt provided in D3 . Will we have the same in d4 ?

Just that thing made D3 too easy when u cracker legends fron lv 10 only to her their unique power

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Re-posting my thoughts from another thread. I agree on many of your points as well.

"For me this game success relies on four factors.

  1. itemization - Copy it from D2 directly, i dont care. Legendaries should be UNIQUE and dont rain from the skies. When certain legendaries drop you should know what you get, fixed attributes but random stats. Rares should be limited to number of prefix/suffix depending on ilvl and should spawn with random attributes which can make them the most powerful items in the game but also the hardest to find etc.

Items do not need cumbersome effects. Plain and simple attributes that increases your character’s capabilities in different ways. Life, resource, damage, defenses, speed etc.

Diablo was always about the loot hunt and knowing that when something of great worth drops you should feel rewarded.

  1. Trading - Not all items must fit your character or build but finding the best melee weapon in game as a caster should still be rewarding because you know you either have something for the future, a trophy OR something that you can exchange for something great for your class/build. Even making profit out of trading is a very popular playstyle for all Diablo fans and is part of its core and soul.
  2. atmosphere - Diablo is a game based on a world being invaded by the very forces of hell. it should be dark, chilling and realistic. Please get rid of all purple, pink, green, blue cartoonish-fantasy elements. It does not belong.
  3. Anti-cheat protection - Known and common problem of the D2 and D3 era. I couldnt care less if someone spend all their IRL money buying items from internet sites AS LONG as the market is not inflated by bots and dupes and whatever. It’s impossible to have open trading and no P2W elements but as long as people cant have robots playing a million characters simultaneously to completely destroy the economy it’s not a very big problem for the greater mass.

Open world, 4 or 8 player parties is secondary non-important factors. I couldn’t care less if I did different dungeons or killed the same boss over and over to find my items, it’s just a means to an end. Amazon or demon hunter, call it whatever you want. D2 has been replayable for 20 years and dont have paragons, rifts etc, that is NOT what the player base enjoyed."

Over and out.

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This is what i was actualy talking about :slight_smile:

For me personaly i hate this stat system witch is oversimplified in many games today to benifit the ‘‘majority’’ at the cost of the comunity ive seen this to many times .Base dmg number as in sheet dps and green or red arrows on gear showing if its better or worse no mather if your elemental or physical based. A mace should not give dps boost to fireball as a staff should not give dps boost to cleave…simple as that.Diablo 3 did this and it was horrible.

As for a other thing why am i against cooldowns on skills

Heres my argument

say you have 4 skills on the buttons each with its own Cd 5 seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds 2 minutes. What happenes when i hit all four i have to kite arround and wait on the cdr to go so i can cast again.For some games it works for some games it dosent. Personaly i see more potantial in resource managment trough skills and deciding what skill to use on what monster. In diablo 2 for example cold spells where ussles to ‘‘Imune to cold’’ monster tipes so you have to work around that. Should i mention Lord De Sais on Hell difficulty?? or rakanichiu on hell and hardcore mode?? you get the idea.Resource managment and deciding what to use and when has more potantial than cdr on skills.This is one of the reasons i dont play Wow evan dough i love the game and its lore.

And as for uniques i like more diversity in the drops thats a fact but whathever way they go will se what happens.

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THIS !!! ^^^^ +9999

Remove the cooldowns and bring back mana potions to use with skills please. (I think I’m gonna make a separate post to elaborate and explain my points of view on this soon).

Yes please, currently I’m very surprised that the limit is level 40 o_0

What? I truly hope it’s not gonna be some 40-50 max at release and it will return to the roots.

I would like that too. The top drops are fine to be restricted from trading. And maybe if you can craft some OP gear (don’t know though how crafting will be) it could be BOA I guess?

I would like that too. The top drops are fine to be restricted from trading. And maybe if you can craft some OP gear (don’t know though how crafting will be) it could be BOA I guess?


My thoughts about D4
Visual Aspect

  1. The first impression is good. Comparing with current ARPG (PoE, Lost ARk, Wolcen, Grim Dawn) the graphic looks pretty good, much more darker than before.
    But IMHO a huge disadvantage now is skill’s visualization\animation. It should totally improved. There some skills with no feelings that skills look totally awesome. For example, Sorceress’ Blizzard. Currently, it looks like common basic cold skill, with poor animation. I want Blizzard is being felt like BLIZZARD: really powerful elemental spell with huge amount of snow and wind which blow up the enemies. Another example - Druid’s Storm Skill. It should be like a terrifying storm and not a couple of tornados and lightnings. In addition, It will be awesome if skill animation improves when you up the rank of the skill.

  2. Another thing is all these arcade elements (enemies red borders, damage counts etc) prevent feeling that it is dark and horror aRPG. That is reffered to World Boss Fight too: it currently looks like common MMORPG and loose this atmosphere and darkness.

End game content

The main problem of endgame now is that it is totally restricted to farming. Get a better loot -> kill stronger monsters faster -> get a better loot ->etc. It is boring. As for me, i’m not satisfied having only dungeons even with deep customization via keys. I want (and not only me) as much different endgame content as possible. There is a huge area for fantasy, for example:
-A sudden events being added on regular basis (it should be not so obvious for playes, i mean, extremely hard to achive). For example, starting from some point peasants in the villages start rumors that very dangerous demon has appeared in Sanctuary. Gathering that rumors we form vision where this demon could be located (a new hidden cave in the deepest part of the map, for example) and start hunting for him. This mechanic will motive players to talk with NPCs regulary.
-PvP events. for example, an scheduled tournaments once per week with awesome reward. All heroes of Sanctuary could test their strength
-Deep World exploration, including quests (something like bounties in D3 but not so stupid. They must being added to the game on a regular basis), searching for the lore books and so on
-Clan System and wars between clans. For example, there are specific important territories (why are they so important? Have a dungeons with a great loot? Have villages with specific interesting NPS? Have an enterence to different areas?) on the map and each clan aims to get control over it. So, after getting control, ther is no way to other clan get access to that territory only defeating previous clan.
Clans themselves could be linked to the appropriate ideology. For example, clan of Rathma, or Clan of BulCathos and so on. They might have theirown customizable blockpost (for example, barbarians’ clan castle in the mountains).
-All that related to farming and post-max leveling.

Talent trees

Talent Tree looks very poor and like passive skills from D3. There must be more way to drastically change the build and not only at the bottom of the tree. Talents should change the behavior of skills\builds\playstyle drastically and not only improving\reducing the damage.

Nothing to say here. As for me, the trading system must be D2-like and no Action House

As mentioned earlier, itemization system should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. There must be no useless items in endgame stage (only several legendaries and Set have matter as in D3).
  2. Skill customization. There must be no useless skill modifiers in endgame stage. (the half of Skill Runes are useless on endgame stage As in D3)

Customization in general

The main problem current is that we in D3 we have a few top builds for EndGame. Ideally, there must be much more equivalently top builds with drastically different play styles.


Finally, someone mentioned this.

I hope to see more meaningful and various item attributes in D4. I usually enjoy crit based builds in RPG games but the focus on crit in D3 was annoying even for me. It killed diversity.


Most i want from D4:

  1. Trading all items without any blockade - i am casual player and it doesnt matter for me if someone else want to stay on AH by hours - its his/her own decision. Dont worry about economy - just block the bots and make sure there is no bugs like “item/gold copying”
  2. Anti - bot system - for the exemple Tibia was a full of bot game for years and the they make system called BattlEye which kill all the bots.
  3. No Ancient Legendary items - Legendary is a legendary, and isn,t need to be anything else. Lenegdary items should be epic they own not need to be ancient primal, unicornal or anything shit like this.
  4. Slowwwwwww the game - even if i get best gear dont make game like D3 wchich looks like energized chaff-cutter things and thamn colour geysers spamming all widescrean.
  5. Listen to the player and never say “we know better whats good for ya” as you ussually do.
  6. Make campain a part of the game not like d3 now.
  7. Never do stupid things like rainbow area in D3.