Diablo 4 feedback (From a former D2 No. 1 HC ladder player)

I concur completely, Blizz team please leave Metamorphosis behind in D4. It’s really annoying when you’ve spent that much time to sharpen your look as a Demon Hunter in D3 with a 100% uptime on Vengeance, I don’t want to look like a Demonic Samurai.

I remember the Crusader, Barbarian had some ridiculous “mutations” as well and Wizard’s Archon form rofl

Leave shapeshift for Druid only.


I realy hope they listen to you!!!

We no need and dont need PowerRanger Transformations.

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Yes that is exactly how it is, you run around/away until the CDs are reset. Sad, but true. And then you gear up trying to reduce/eliminate those CDs.

Have you forgotten in D2, that the XP needed to reach next level was doubled (?) on each successive level, and anything over 80-85 was hard/impossible to achieve, unless you were running a bot or were very, very dedicated (as in not seeing the light of day) ?

Diablo 3 is not like that, and you can reach 70 much quicker, so they invented Paragons for that endless grind and keep players playing for longer.

It is politics and entitlement. All players, regardless how bad or how casual, have to be able to attain “top level”. In Diablo 2 you would not be able to reach over 85-ish until and unless you were extremely determined (or a bot). Different times, different politics.

You are forgetting those “bloody runs”, “meph runs” and “baal runs” and how we used to level up quickly way back then? Maybe not on hardcore.

You are contradicting yourself. With free trading you will be able to access top gear within seconds. Even if they make BiS gear soulbound, still you will be able to access pre-BiS gear in seconds.

That’s exactly how it was in Diablo 2 with the Frozen Orb sorceress, the Buriza amazon with knockback etc, screens upon screens with walls of mobs you would shoot at from a distance and keep away. Or with the WW barbarian running through the Cow Level ?

Bots have been there since I can remember in Diablo 2 and it seems also in Diablo 3. It is there to collect gear, sell gear, or reach insane paragon levels (the equivalent of normal levels past 85 in Diablo 2).

I actually like GRs in Diablo 3, may be because I do not know what other challenges the game has to offer as I am very casual.

Regarding open trading: I don’t see it as a contradiction because what if I’m running through the game and its been a few weeks or months and im really struggling to find an Immortal King platebody as a player and I only play the barbarian. One day I stumble across a Tal Rasha platebody that my friend has been searching for ages for. If we are able to trade, both parties are happy in that scenario. Restricting anything in a game is bad. Included in all of that is if the drops are hard to get like say… High Runes and the drop rate chance is so low, if I found 2 jah’s and need a ber rune I’m able to trade that Jah to someone who needs it to obtain that Ber. In Diablo 2, I hated playing the Necromancer for example. It just wasn’t for me. I’d rather trade that necromancer gear off to someone who likes it while they trade me something at equal value such as a Druid item since they don’t play that class. I’m still spending a ton of time finding gear that I worked hard to get, but now I have more options if it were open trade.

Diablo 2’s system wasn’t the perfect system either and it could absolutely be improved upon. In Diablo 3, on the highest torments I could 1 shot mobs of enemies on all my characters. In Diablo 2, you could as well if you were to not make a hybrid sorceress for example but that was unrealistic to do on single player due to the monster immunities forcing to place skill points in either fire/cold abilities. What I would like to see is an improvement on both systems because I don’t want to see a Paladin doing 18k Blessed Hammer 1 shotting Hell Andariel as an example.

The Diablo series is a loot based game. I think you make a good counter argument however why implement say 10,000 paragon when 99 (or 100) is equally hard to get. The main problem with the paragon system was If there was a player very low paragon with all perfect gear (nothing could be upgraded, 100% perfect), a player with a way higher paragon and worse gear would be potentially way stronger because of the infinite vitality/str (etc) bonuses and then all of a sudden, the game isn’t about loot anymore. It would be about, just playing thousands of hours regardless of rare drops or finds because you’d eventually just overpower everyone and that is a serious power creep issue. In Diablo 3 when they initally released GR’s, only the top tier players were getting to 30 GR. Then with every update, the GR leaderboards went from 30, to 40, to 70, then 90, then 100 and now it’s what, over 150? The difference between a level 95 character and a level 99 is extremely minimal keeping Diablo loot focused. It really makes that loot drop I need special and gives me an incentive to go out and look for it.

Goal: Finding good loot —> Character level comes as a reward for going out and finding that loot. The game shouldn’t be the opposite. It would make getting to 99 that much rewarding because Blizzard 100% will have an anti-Cheating system. So seeing that level 99 in the world, as a player I would be like “Wow, they went above and behind what they had to do.” Look at the analogy of being a millionaire. Everyone wants to be one but nobody wants to put in the work for it.

Edit: The anology I gave before directly talks about what you said regarding politics and entitlement. If I’m running a race and don’t get a gold medal, I am not entitled to that so I will not beg for it. That is the exact same thing as a participation trophy rewarding bad and casual players for something they don’t deserve. an Entitled person can’t be a millionaire just because they want to be one. They have to work for it.

It’s not a matter of two players being happy, it will be a million players and more bots selling gear on external websites (out of game) for real currency.

This is what they have tried to avoid, first by making an in-game trading place, and when that also failed, then by making gear soulbound.

Yes I see the point you are trying to make, and I simply explained that the paragon system is there to reward the more dedicated players, without pissing off the “entitled” casuals. Personally, I much prefer the Diablo 2 system.


Item or whole grar or whole accounts?!
About whole accounts cant stoped.
Trading will be limited they did said and what they plan to implent.

And i want to add or remind for over 100 times about death penalty…with run to corpse is better( like in D2,WoW). not with lose.xp. But exist and other way…limited dmg-ed items like some in D2(cant be repaired!)
Like.in WoW .

All I gotta say is don’t make greater rifts the end game. That shit is so boring and repetitive.

Oh and make legendaries actually legendary. There is nothing epic about Diablo 3 loot. NOTHING

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This is a big one for me. The abominables, jungle beasts, moon lords etc from D2 were amazing and D3 just had terrible monster design and it’s being carried over into D4 because the devs think they should be making a continuation of D3 rather than a Diablo game (D3 really isn’t a Diablo game)


Very good point and I agree with you that it is a huge issue. But, what stops a player from using a 3rd party website to log into their account and play on it for X amount of time for X dollars/Euros to get the item or level you want. Then we’re back to the problem we were trying to avoid by stopping trading.

Someone named StrikerJolt said this in regards to trading in the US forum:

1: Community, having the community interact with each other is important in the game’s health and success.
Destroy the community, you destroy the game. This is why retail is failing and classic is doing so well.

There is, with Set bonuses and some legendary affixes offering 10000% damage bonus or 100% immunity.

Because giving out your account details to strangers and/or using bots is much, much more difficult, and dangerous, than simply buying an item on an external website, which is what the largest proportion of players will do if the game allows them.

I do not like soulbound either, but after almost 20 years, this is the best solution Blizzard have come up with.


Quin69’s open trade opinion

(Hint, He wants open trade but he explains in detail why its better than Diablo 3’s current system)


Quin’s reply kinda sucks, i dont like hes idea that blue/rare should be good again.

with today level of a-holeness the report is a good addition, granted it should be a human supervisor on every ban, before the ban institutes, ant the report abuse should also be banable (again by a human not a bot)

no thank you, this is not 1998 anymore, also “always online” is a thing

this is one of the very few places where d3 got it right

those were in D2 and they were quite balanced, the idea is not to remove it, but make it scale properly.

that can be solved via a very fast key bind option

scaling is what makes a game boring and uninteresting as you dont feel excitement to level to be able to do the higher lvl, and just meh your way trough the content

in pve yes in pvp NO

personally for me cooldowns were the reason why i played d3 less than 200 hours in total, felt like mini wow and the magic was gone.

That the hardest content is group only kills it for me. At D1 and D2, we could play solo and we should be able to do so in D4 as well.

D3 has proven well, that the group rift experience is broken, don´t make the same mistake again.

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This is the famous Red Shirt Guy from Blizzcon2018. Not only quin, But he along with Mr Llama, and every other streamer want Blues and rares to be good again. If they’re not then 90% of the items in the game are going to be fluff while everyone chases the Ancient set/legendary

As a player, I want to have choice. I don’t to be restricted to what the devs tell me. Watch that video in it’s entirety and it will change your opinion.

Diablo II did it great. On battlenet right now, I have a level 96 Hardcore druid with a magic green antler helm. It was a 2s (Socketed with X2 Ber), 2 to Druid Skills, 2 to Hurricane, 3 To Tornado, 1 to Volcano, etc. It is impossible for a unique/set item to roll that so it has the strongest roll in the game for a Druid. If magic/rare items aren’t good, then at that level (of 96) I’d be stuck with 2 choices: Legendaries and Set. Blizzard already came out and said Legendaries will be stronger than Sets so as a level 96 character I will only be able to have 1 choice in gear items when I should have multiple: Magic, Rare, Legendary, and set. As a player if magic and rare items have the rare potential to roll good, then I’m still constantly looking for upgraded loot even at that extremely high level and not ignoring everything that drops that isn’t a legendary item.


Big thanks for this topic. Agree 90% of what you said.
D4 should go back to the roots, D3 experience is too fast paced, items should be tradable - only problem of D2 were bots, let’s make a game join with captcha and there will be no problem with people buying the gear. Most of them will grind it / trade with other players. And that’s how it should work.

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Hi all diablo 1 ,2 , 3 player here don’t comment much but just a thought
The end game in diablo 2 was farming and PvP the ideas above are fab not keen on clan system seems a bit like wow
And question for the d4 Devs
Go back and play diablo 1 plus hellfire add-on , diablo 2 plus lod add-on remember why you loved the game
Don’t make d4 to please the snowflake generation make it hard make it scarry make it so we die lots just like we did in d1 when we meet the butcher and we went to town and found spell books scrolls to beat him

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+1 agreed on rares should be viable. This is an essential part of freedom and variation in itemization.

Grim Dawn also did well by adding Monster Infrequents - which are basically unique items with a fixed cool thing that roll random stats on top of that. The potential is endless, and exciting. Legendaries are NOT exciting.

And please call them uniques…