Diablo 4 feedback (From a former D2 No. 1 HC ladder player)

Ok i can understand that but thats one of the things that made the game bad. this is my opinion and this is why

Changing skills on the spot makes the game easy and with no consequences and no character personality. Dont realy know what QOL stands for as i sed i didnt play D3 2 years now so cant comment on that.Kiting mobs is a thing in evrey arpg game its not somthing only diablo 3 has and its not a bad thing.Teamplay is a plus even for me i like partyes alldough i wish it whould have been more than 4 man party.The part of running from town for the body has 2 edges i have to admit. It was a nice punishing thing for those hardcore players but it could become frustrating at times.Its not bad either good its in the middle.The buy on ebay gear i agree with you thats what ruined diablo 2 , if diablo 4 comes out and whould be a great game they have to do somthing that allows free trading but allsaw punishes bots and third party sites.Cant comment much on Gr this days becouse i didnt play in a while but when i left the game the highest achivable gr those days was 95 i think was the era of the EQ barb. and it still was easy enough, what i find horrible is that upon finishing the gr you get showered with shit items what have no meaning becouse you allready are geard whit a SET cose anything else whould make you suboptimal . So besides a set and the legendaryes requiered for that specific build evreything is crap. Agree???
Upon player death you should lose experience and degrade item quality.

Gr whould not be bad for end game if:

1.Gameplay whould be slower and drops whould have meaning
2.Scaleing should be done from lvl to lvl start off easy and go as high as you can with a finite lvl thats basicly only for the top tier characters.
3.Items should drop in Gr becouse not all could achive final lvl
4.Final boss in a Gr should be very hard to beat and drop specific item tipe (random)+ other items
5. Ofc evreything above put on a timer or some sort of other penalty.
6.Must not conflict or be the same with other end game options such as dungeons.

Basicly if its a easy game with no challange added to it its not fun

Gonna ask you somthing: how many clan members do you have online right now? and how many where online 1-2 years ago and so forth?I have no clan members online and none in friends list either.And whe used to play evreyday for at least 8 hours sesions.Think thats saying somthing

I agree to many of those things^^, especially regarding item drops and that sets destroy creativity. All I can say is that I hope D4 wil be a game that both D2 and D3 players will enjoy.

I don’t have a clan, but my friend list is only slightly less populated now than what it was before. In public games there are as many as there ever has been, that I can see. People seem to come back every update. If anything I can say that less people play the whole season through, me included. Most of the people in my list are former D2 players, 30-70 years old.

The bad thing about locking the skilltree is that you must play for a long time to see how the skill develops, and I find it boring to play with same skills for 100’s of hours only to see it get a little stronger each level. And it feels backwards to spend time levelling skills that turn out to not be fun, makes me want to experiment less myself, and instead read about builds on the internet. I realised that when replaying D2 and Torchlight 2 recently.

D3 is as easy as the GR level you decide to push.

More D2 dudes fantasy right there. I have said I did not like sets and I am for build creativity. What is wrong with you. But go on and talk to yourself, I simply won’t answer if I think you seem outright brainwashed, as you do now. A goddam parrot repeating yourself/what others have said in hope of mocking anyone who does not agree with you. So glad I am not in your camp.


EDIT: GhostKnight: I see you deleted your post. Well, I will let mine stay anyway as a reminder of your total lack of intergrity and brains.

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yeah, in your opinion, in mine d3 is absolute trash(regarding to the “DIABLO” legacy)
as someone stated above only 2 redeeming qualities of d3 were its engine and phisics… thats it

ofc, you are entitled to that opinion. People are different. That is kind of my point. There are no “hard truths” when it comes to what is fun or not, only subjective views.

please no more ancient legendary set items and ancient legendary legendarys ancients are ancients thats it or else just remove them.

Im not sure if i would have the time or energy like i had in D2 if the skill tree was locked, maybe come up with a nice compromise where all skills are eventually unlocked but after working hard for it to allow people to play builds they like but also change to other builds if they wish, with the right equipment and training

Why not have things like rifts in the game too, the key is to give players variety, rifts, pvp and one or two more elements too, you get a bit bored in one area, take a break and do something else

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I think that’s why they going for open world they did say you could do story in your own time and explore if you wanted
I think still tress respect should come at a cost from maybe a new NPC ?

i like paragon.
i hate it when games force me to choose dexterity/strength/vitality/intelligence etc like a D&D game.
all that happens is i go to the internet and read guides what to choose.
just make it the way it is now. there is not really any choice in the matter, making it equal to everyone. i have enough with the RNG.

yeah no, “the way it is now” is the reason poe and other aRPG’s laugh in the face of actiblizz along with former diablo fans.

Regarding the New Update by David Kim:

Agreed. There is nothing I have feedback for other than it being all positive.

If you haven’t read it, it is here:

i dont realy know what to think about this update…
Its a new system they’r trying to implement , dont think i ever seen it in any game before it dosent sound bad in theory BUT:

I hope not evrey item will have demonic/angelic/ancestral power affixes attached to it. That only makes you race twords one of the above beeing the strongest leaving no room for other affixes to be aplied.
.I know the items shown on that post are ‘‘cold cuts’’ but i realy hope theyl end up haveing more affixes than just those. they seam in my opinion based around that soul affix demonic/angelic/ancestral and the rest is just for filling up the page. Haveing that affix is not bad on some items but has to have more meaningfull affixes than just 1/2 added to it like crit damage or movement speed , allsaw resistance should not be bases soulely on haveing 50+ power ore any other affix for that mather. Those +50 affixes should be random and not fixed.The design seems nice in theory and i want to see it evolve fhurter maby some more images as you progress along but overall its not bad. I goota say im a bit ‘’?!?!?’’ but that maby becouse i never seen somthing like this in any Arpg before so it could be good it could be bad will see i gues.

Still not ok whit you not dropping the whole attack/deffence stat arrow design on items BUT again if affixes will have more meaning than in PREVIOUS Diablo game…i gues whe can all work around that . But i gotta say i whould have been more happy with the normal stat design of Diablo 2/Grim Dawn/Poe…

Glad Ancinet’s are beeing removed a other set of legendary items with just higher affixes are just dull.Redesign them if you will or just leave it whitout them.Set and legendary items are enough in my opinion.

I like wery much the idea of a consumable dropping that allows you to equip a legendary affix on a rare thats a good idea.

Lastly i wanna say that at least for me im very happy that you started listening to feedback and share whit us more than the usual Soon ™.

Ideas come from all of us some good some bad but the comunity is what you have and what makes your games great


in this update it’s like they are gonna fail again with atack /defense implementation!
boots with 1448 defense why this high number? we are going to absurd numbers again i think they must lower the numbers so if they implement percentil reductions/enhancements like 15% cxritical damage that appears in the amulet they can’t balance it well neither in the pvp, this leads to 60000 hit points characters killed in a single critical hit in pvp, and patching the monsters to have billions of life and making critical builds the only ones that will prevail.

I’m pesimistic but i feel the developers absolutely lost and trying to catch ideas on the fly from the community, and then implement it in a patch over patch style, you need to feel the overall of the game !

I only say one last thing this time i won’t buy this game without testing it before like i did with diablo 3 i won’t give you free sales only because you have the diablo name in your title you wasted the diablo mark with diablo 3 now you will have to earn your respect again and if you don’t do a good game i won’t buy it anyway it’s called diablo!

All of this is my point of view!

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Well to me Enigma is a lame item. Same goes for mostly all runewords that came after 1.10 patch.

I dislike all the items that give other classes abilities. It makes the classes less unique. For example what makes Sorc a sorc? Well ability to move quickly with teleport. Give that to everyone … yeah not so unique ability anymore.

Surely Legit self found enigma is super rare, but in battlenet where the runes are duped it’s not.

Another thing is these items that give Paladin auras. No need to look for a Paladin to my group anymore have auras by myself. Same goes to Barb shouts from the runeword.

For me rare items in D2 classic was the thing. You can never find a perfect one which means you can always hope for a new better one.
Then the uniques had static values which mean that you could gamble or trade something that you know which stats it had. Then you could keep them in some slots until you found a good enough rare. Another thing was that uniques truly had some affixes that could not be found in rare items (crushing blow f.e.).

Absolutely. Hey devs, live INSIDE the box a bit.

Like, pour the wine, lose the pants, Pig’s genuine balancer…

3 Stigmas of Livepig, The Balancer:

  • Lose the affixes. Embrace the math, do it once again with prefix/suffix system. Benefits are self-explanatory

  • Lose the trifectas. Like, any. Nothing should be worthy pursuing exclusively whole game, as such - only in three’s, or only in four’s or any

  • Lose the thousands. When balancing, you have (like) full control when base damage is like up to 100. When mobs Damage/HP is more or less in standard 1:10 ratio. When there is no 150,000,000,000% multiplier coming from everything combined (from addition or multiplying alike)

Also use much less than 95% damage coming from CC/CD%, as in D3. The crits are self-purposed, aren’t they? A critical miss, if there isn’t a CC? Because that is what happens in D3, far better to have 5% chance to do few% damage than do the whole CC/CD% insanity again… Which every char has, at the end.

[I’m not advocating ‘critical miss’ as a good idea, merely stating what lows critical hit was driven to in D3]

Don’t stress about PvP until you manage any decent PvE balance. Yes, you will end eventually in having reducers on stuns or such effects, reducers on damage, reducers on this and that and you’ll have to deal with it - just there’s (like) ZERO reason to think it NOW and change each time when any of the balance paradigms shifts. Which they will. Many, many times.

Your number 2 point is pointless. It’s just your preference talking there, your spouting about the shape of Druid foremost, while you’re forgetting that the lore of Druid is that they are the descendants of Bul Kathos like the Barbarians. The ancestors are the same for both of them.
Plus your spouting about realism, while you’re forgetting that this game is about anything, but realism. These are nephilim, the descendants of Lilith and Inarius and many other demons and angels. The idea of realistically limited human shapes are thrown out instantly. Also you prolly forgot what the angel of wisdom said, there are humans that are born more demon than angel, thus can look horrific instead of resembling a human. Plus the powers that come with.

Thus you’re just saying what you want the game to be, and you’re not taking into account logic behind the game, you only want the old without realizing the flaw in that logic.
Before suggesting something, think through what you’re seeing and if it makes any sense in the game, not if it makes sense in your mind with your own parameters of things that should be.

The developer takes into account the lore behind the game foremost, not personal preference, thus your not cut out to give any unbiased feedback nor an advisor for devs. It’s just your personal ideas what the lore should be instead of what it is and what we love.

PS Your hc number 1 status has no value, unless you compare to the posts of “I’m first” then it’s of equal value. What matters is what you do with the info and how you process it, not what kind of status or title you have, being number 1 just means you’re really good at certain thing, while lacking in most other stuff, that’s how I see guys who mention their titles.


It’s, like, an eye opener. No, be serious and take “lore” aside… This is serious stuff I’m talking about here and definitely not something taking into account something like:
“The developer takes into account the lore behind the game foremost” or “while you’re forgetting that the lore of Druid is that they are the descendants of Bul Kathos like the Barbarians”.

You obviously come from a different background entirely, and if you want to use arguments such as “yes, but in your discussion about geometric mean and its advantages and disadvantages over arithmetic, when used as a multiplier component in floating difficulty scaling, Bul Kathos lore argument is making it null and void” - above was not a technobabble, by the way - then you aren’t able understanding me, let alone contest. Not with the lore argument against the math. Sorry. Wrong pig, wrong post.

Without wanting to be rude, where I used the numbers, you used vague name-dropping. If it was meant to be an answer, then the question is entirely different, and has no connection to mine…

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From the devs feedback, which i think its good ( in action not content), i would like to leave my point of view.

Having legendary consumable: good upgrade from D3, but i asume everyone wants something above D2 and D3. Imho i would like X points in a skill to give me a point able to modify the skill (like a D3 legendary)
Now i cast 2 fireballs, or bigger explosion, it burns enemies and so on. Maybe able to do it 3 times at max. Thats MY pyromancer, and now i get the legendary power of 15- 25% dmg to fireball which i apply to whatever item i can/prefer.

I dont need items to make my big booms, but they will be much better/frequent/faster with them.

Regarding the stats: Angelic, Demonic and Ancient; as i understand i get them through items… just more difficult to make final gear work together regardless of my build

What about good old, but better more meaningful stats:

Str/Power: I hit harder, if its power then Barb Slam and Sorc Fireball both benefit from it. It may also reduce dmg somehow

Dex/Agility: Atk faster/move faster(capped/related to equipment penalties), faster hits/arcane symbols for more atk speed/ faster cast rate

Vit/Constitution: More HP, HP regen, dmg reduction somehow (maybe physical dmg)

Int/ Stamina: More resource to spend, resource reg. Maybe elemental resist

This makes all stats usefull and more/less important depending on build.

I feel this bases gives so much more depth to everything and possibilities to build whatever you want, but what do YOU the comunity think about this kind of aproach

It might be interesting to evaluate any cross-skills, that is, the characters can activate extra abilities in teams of two by three and four, this would not only give depth to the characters but would create a more united co-op, 30% of extra damage has come off the classes, it was a real mistake.
As far as objects are concerned, make them all useful and sensible with couplings to all abilities, above all do not forget aesthetics and personalization.
Why can I only use certain skills to advance? The character must be used entirely, some will excel in other groups only, others in pvp, where in the third chapter it is not possible.
Creating more combos (solo, group, pvp, equipment, skills)
The npg, the dialogues were boring, the characters had no character, (ugly the crusader football player) The final fight against Diablo, bad screamed in your face and trapped you in the cage, disappointing, at least more scenic fights, handsome Belial, good Malthael.
I would like to remind you that blue helps to relax, if you do everything blue I will sleep, the fifth act was done by another in my place because I fell asleep every 20 minutes, bad.

Hi every one!!

About itemisation… I personally think that items should be very though to find from the beginning. Good example here is Diablo 1. It was hard to find good magic item to do certain dmg to go further. Honestly it was very hard to find every single one item which will change something in your character. And that was how diablo itemisation should looks like.
The same think was in Diablo II. A lot of guys here already mentioned about this. Getting good rare, uniques, set items is very hard to find ( you need to spend a lot of hour of grinding to find it).
And about Diablo III. What I liked in this game was how item drop looks just after release. It was hard to find good rare item because you has to find a pack of champions on the map to kill it and them receive some rare items. And the best thing here was that the most of the time those items wasn’t for your character ( but you had option to trade it till Blizz close in game trading :frowning: ). Also game was very hard on hell difficulty and especially on inferno difficulty. For me this is good example how hard should Diablo IV looks like.

It suppose to be hard to lvl, hard to get items, very hard to drop legendary ( like it was in Diablo III just after release) .

Also crafting in Diablo III after release was great thing because I use it a loot to progress in the game. After putting LOOT 2.0 for casuals its useless because u can get all staff from rifts.

Also I fully agree with DeathBringer. He points very well on what Delevopers should look and focus.

Excuse me for caps lock but


Its the worst thing which was created. In Diablo series there always was a lvl cap!!! and base lvl cap is enough. NO PARAGONS which was created to chase numbers. It should be chase for items as major point in the game and during this you will receive experience to lvl up your character. And I personally prefer Diablo II base lvl progress. You can easily reach lvl 85-92 but then you need to sacrifice most of the time to reach lvl goal 99 !!!

Hope that Diablo IV will be better then Diablo III !!

Best Regards