Diablo 4 Feedback Post II (From a No. 1 D2 Hardcore Ladder player)

Good Evening all,

[Introduction] I’m very happy with the community that thousands of viewers were able to read my premier forum post regarding the initial Diablo IV feedback and I wanted to thank everyone for their contribution whether they agreed with me or disagreed; it is all feedback the Developers were and currently are looking for.

This is a followup post hitting new topics regarding Diablo 4 that I personally have thought of or saw it on a different forum post but wanted to expand upon:

I. Music. Lately, I started to play games of a different genre that were in Retrospect the face of that given genre. Remember that guitar theme song that Halo 2 had or Renaissance Era style 12 string guitar that Diablo I and II had? Music is so overlooked in a game but it creates an atmosphere for the player who investing their time into that game. It is such a small detail but it causes us to use more than just sight. Diablo 4 needs to have music in the game that when someone hears it on a commercial or walking down the street, they can immediate say, “That’s from Diablo 4.”

II. NPCs/Merchants. Naturally, as someone who put hundreds of hours in Diablo III, even though my character stood in town, town felt empty. I think NPC’s should play a bigger role in the game. Diablo II wasn’t perfect by any means but i’ll use Lut Gholein as an example. Just using the name, the people who have played Diablo II instantly know that is Act 2 within the game. But it was nice to be able to go to a certain area to hire a mercenary, and go to another to buy gear for yourself and your merc. The items the NCP’s sold were actually decent and gave you another option to find gear that normally would have taken a lot longer to give you that extra boost to help you past a part you normally would have been stuck at if you had the funds (Gold). In Diablo 4, I am hoping that NPC interaction is very important because I want to feel at home as a player. I’m not saying make NPC’s overpowered but at least make it another option to help with in game itemization. Gambling from Diablo 2 was a great feature because though not of a lot of people used it and it was extremely expensive gold wise, but if you needed to get a quick magic amulet or ring as a crafting base, you were able to get one on the spot. Diablo II’s Merchants eventually weren’t needed other than super rare occasions in Nightmare and Hell, but I feel like they should be a least a little viable at every stage in the game other than end game.

III. Mercenaries. I need to be blunt. Diablo III mercenaries felt like having a wet noodle by your side but at the same time they were so overpowered that everyone on the leader board used one because of the item where they couldn’t die and you would take half damage at all times. I really hope as a player, the dev team decides to go back to the Diablo II style Merc but with a better balance system. Obviously, In Diablo 2, everyone used the Nightmare difficulty Act 2 defensive merc because of the Holy Freeze Arura. In Diablo 4, they need to have that Diablo 2 customization where you can pick between a archer, barbarian, spell caster, or Trident wielding mercenary. There has to be balance and I feel no matter how strong your mercenary is, no Merc should be invincible.

IV. Story. When playing Diablo 3, I felt like I wasn’t playing Diablo. Killing off Cain to a giant butterfly who wasn’t even an Act boss infuriated the player base during the game’s initial release. The cutscenes mid boss fight actually made me want to return the game as a consumer because it felt like a “Stop go” feeling and took away the fun fighting that boss. It reminded me of Halo 3’s pauses when Cortana would talk when you were walking and it would slow the game down.

V. Gear (Not Itemization). Whatever you equip should look like the time period of the game. I think Diablo III got too carried away with the cosmetic looks and my character felt almost out of place in the world of Diablo. Diablo IV should just have more of a feel when it comes to the looks of items. Interestingly enough, many unique items that dropped were Unid. at a certain look, and when identified, that items look would change and I’m really hoping that comes back when designing Diablo 4.

Any Feedback, please leave below whether its comments agreeing or disagreeing for whatever reason. I’m hoping the Devs can see this and consider it a new source of information instead of looking through the older threads since David Kim has put out his Itemization Update II.


I agree with most of the points especially with the npc shop part. In diablo 3 most of the items from shop owners felt useless. While in d2, especially on lower difficulty, where you were depending on them. They sold the scrolls that you had to make sure you didn’t run out of so you can open a portal. Your equipment needed repair even if you didn’t die. Indentification scrolls were a great mechanic to the game aswell… until I realised that cain can indentify for free… (yeah i was a dumb kid)

This is just my opinion, but the respawn system needs to change. There is no challange in anything if every time you die you respawn at the entrance to the zone (which were usally not too big). If you just entered a map, right next to your dead body. Not even your enemies health resets, sometimes I just spam respawned to finish a mob that I could not normaly kill. Death only mattered in boss fights and even then… you just retry like nothing happend.

One more thing I think could use some change compared to d3 is the potions. I loved d2’s desing since you could run out of them, it gave your belt another function besides giving you stats. Every potion drop felt good since it expanded the time you could spend out of town before you ran out of them. Since most of them not gave your health back instantly, you had to focus some of your attention on your h. bar. Meanwhile in d3 if your screen was red you used a potion and that was it.

I agree everything except maybe the Merc point.

For me Merc’s has not meant anything in Diablo games.
They were not in Diablo 1 and in Diablo 2 pre-expansion they were only used for meat against Duriel :slight_smile: and in Act3 normal to freeze the fetishes.

In Act4 the merc wasn’t available at all and thats where most of the playing happened in the end.

In LoD they became too powerful. Personal tank for everyone which changed the playstyle of many classes. No longer you had to kite and avoid hits with a glass cannon Sorc for example.

So yeah for me Merc thing is not really interesting at all. I like to rely on just myself and party members.

If we get mercs however I’d rather get D3 style where the merc doesn’t have that much impact on your performance. So you can just opt-out of using it completely if you want.

Nice points. I would just like to add one more - please, oh please, do not inflate damage (and defence) numbers! Diablo II is incomparably better than Diablo III in that regard. Keep all numbers low, they will inevitably increase with power creep and future expansions. Don’t give us boots with 1500 defence to start with, stick to Diablo II numbers. Doing damage in the millions and often billions makes no sense to me, it actually actively prevents me from caring about these stats. Not to mention the visual havoc if you’re trying to figure out how effective you are.

I hope I’m not part of the minority about this, and I think this is one of the less liked features of Diablo III in general. I do believe that the game will gain more than it will lose if you go for the DII route on this one, Blizzard!


and you can mention also the problems of balance so high numbers when are mixed with % modifiers like crit damage etc, it makes impossible to balance pvp and pve. Monsters with billion life make deal with those heavy dmg but characters die of 1 critical hit and if you buff characters life then pve it’s not dificult at all.

Hi this is my feedback for part 2

Shields in D2 and D3 now D4

Shield actually had use in d2 because of the block % in d3 they were nothing but a static object with a legendary affix on it please return the shields back in d4 with block %

No more hidden mechanics i wanna know joe much critical hit chance each skill gives because i can see it in your gameplay videos

please make the music more like Diablo 2 i really liked the creepy/echo/guitar/screams Music

create a bigger affix pool str/int/dex/vit

there are some weird affixes in d4 i think there should be more from d2 just an example are

Just make all items tradeable except mythic and maybe the very very end game ones

Ancient Legendary replaced - unnamed consumable

i really like this idea good job rare items are great again

Angelic, Demonic, Ancestral powers

i would change this in a whole nother subsystem and leave out the resistance

charms could hold alot more affixes inclubing those demonic powers they wont have to be great in value either if you go for that as a subsystem Or make the points allocatebake or something

i would like the blue items to have the higher +skills rolls again
Legendarys should also retain some of value power still

add fire/poison/ice/lightning resistance as defense back because you didnt expand any furhter on this with d3.

here are some of the attributes and affixes that make sense
they could and should be inplemented in a way allocatable or not think about this they can be on gear or utility items craft mechanics gems
Strength affixes:

  • Increased melee physical damage
  • Increased block chance
  • Increased parry chance
  • Strength requirement to equip certain melee weapons / shields (have these certain weapons be the only case where there is a stat requirement just to equip – just makes sense to require a certain amount of strength to wield a powerful sword that is probably heavy)
  • plus rank(s) to skills that would make sense with the stat

Dexterity affixes:

  • Increased physical attack speed
  • Increased physical crit chance
  • Increased dodge chance
  • plus rank(s) to skills that would make sense with the stat

Spirit affixes:

  • Reduced cooldown time
  • Health / resource regeneration
  • Increased buff duration
  • Increased buff effectiveness
  • Increased healing
  • plus rank(s) to skills that would make sense with the stat

Intelligence affixes:

  • Spell resistance (fire, poison, etc.)
  • Increased spell damage (fire, frost, etc.)
  • Increased spell crit chance
  • Increased debuff effectiveness
  • Larger spell area of effect
  • plus rank(s) to skills that would make sense with the stat

Likewise, please reconsider the monster glow on hit and put it back on the monsters healthbar so if you move your cursor over a demon the bar just lights up

add more runes and maybe some secret runewords for white items that can compete with endgame too.

so make an attribute system + the new power system that would be sweet and nice

and please use the old ui from diablo 2 with a fresh new update from 2019 i really like the blackout around the text.

and please make the magic items unidentified again…

i want an item with 20 affixes on it. yeah
In short we want an attribute systen first with a whole lot of affixes
Path of exile has a better items ui they nailed that shit you better return our favour too thats all for now thanks!

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Music and sound effects are very important indeed, every town and area should have its own sound that fits. When the music fits it will draw you more into the game. But the sounds effects are also important, hearing the action will draw you in aswell, unless it becomes one big cacophony of sounds (like you often hear in D3 now, because you kill dozens of monster in each strike) which will actually put distance between you and the game.

I really dislike D3 on an NPC level, they killed of one of the best NPC’s ever and did it horribly. Except for that tragic failure, there’s not much to say about D3 NPC as I have a hard time even remembering which ones are in the game even though I can remember those in D2 which is allot older. They didn’t really leave an impression I guess.
Merchants, well D3 itemization isn’t really working out for them, you simply can’t buy usefull items so those merchant are useless.
NPC’s make a good difference in the feeling of a game, whether they give you guests, sell you stuff (or let you gamble) or just walk around, give them a bit of personality and make them part of the game.

I still wonder why I didn’t stay in town and sent my templar to kill everything, sure it would take him a while, but hey he’s immortal he can take down everything given enough time.
I did like the ability that you could custimize the mercenary a little (4 levels of skill A or B), but beyond that neh…
I liked that in D2 you could get multiple different versions of the (graphicly) same mercenary (especially act 2 had many different), but I also liked that they had names…you hired (for example) Azrael not Templar.
Then again in Diablo 2 your character had a name aswell, I was Regonox, but my friends saw RightToBearArms in the game, in D3 they see Regonox whatever my character is named…its aRPG…don’t remove the roleplaying element.

Well you already mentioned something that infuriated me, so I’ll skip comment there.
Cutscene’s are (I think) meant to create a story idea and roleplaying, however when my GM (I roleplay) tells my Barbarian while I am in combat with a demon; “The demon takes a step back and says…” I interupt and smash it in the face with my axe.
Cutscene’s are for Dragon Ball Z, aRPG please, people don’t stop mid combat to chat, not realistic and just outright annoying.
Furthermore if you want the Lord of Lies to enter the playing field, please make to lies good, a five year old would’ve figured out that Emperor Hakan II was actually none other Belial, Master of Deception. I guess no one ever tells a lie in sanctuary if he is the master, land of blind one eye is king.

Diablo 2 had some flaws in the gearing, for example a Long Sword is a Long Sword in other words to long for 1 hand, what they show as a long sword is more of an arming sword.
Diablo 3 had no correct things in the gearing it seems, everything needs to be massive and clunky.
In many cases the gear self would be a hazard to the wearer, like for example Pauldrons of the Wastes, except for the fact that you have trouble walking through a normal sized door, if an opponent strikes at you (in an high to low fassion) those horns would actually catch the blow and guide it towards you head, even with a helmet you rather not have that happen especially as they do not have any benificial effect counterbalancing the bad things.
Make items look realistic, a bit overdone is fine ofcourse, its a game and its fantasy, but a dextrous character in a interlocking full plate with bulky extensions doesn’t look cool it looks stupid.

I like and share your point of view here; but i, personally, would like it slightly different if we will have 4-6 stats ( i think that CDR leads to balance problems, would prefer no CDs at all, maybe dump all your mana instead or so):

Power: Affects all damage for all classes; maybe dmg reduction
Agility: Faster cast/attack; maybe dodge
Resource: More resource and R regeneration
Stamina: More Hp and HP regeneration

An Earthquake Barb/ Meteor Sorc/ SSS Monk may all go for Power/Resource build with little investment in the other 2 just for survivability.

A Multishot Archer/ Frenzy Barb/ Werewolf may go for Agility and Resource (If spending resource skills)

Somebody may go for a stationary channeling build that uses Power/Stamina and some Resource; and search for Resource reduction in gear.

I think this adds much more depth regarding the personalization of your character since the beggining.

Last but not least i think that legendary powers as in D3 are so much better if granted as a choice after investing X points in certain skill, maybe it could be done multiple times; 5 possible choices, can only choose a 3 at maxed skill.