Diablo 4: My Queries

I have a couple of things to ask the devs so will ask here.

Firstly, PvP in D4. I do love that you are making zones for PvP to keep players like me who want no part of it- out of the content. I just wanted to ask, if World Bosses, Nightmare Dungeons and other events- will be kept outside these zones as there’ll be so much going on it could overcomplicate things and no matter how BiS that Boss gear drops would be, I’m not going into PvP just for it.
Placement - Please make PvP zones off the side. It wouldn’t be fair to be chasing say Baal in story from Fields of Misery to The Weeping Hollow when there’s a Field of Hatred covering the Cemetary of the Forsaken as example.

I hope you learned from WoW and have coded two separate aspects of each skill as it’ll be another case of; oh Werebear Druid too OP and you go nerf it for ‘balance’ but now all the Torment 4 World Boss pushing Werebears suddenly find progress impossible as their skills stopped producing; please don’t do that as it killed WoW for those like me fed up of PvP dominating our PvE experience.

Players can interact with each other hope you have solid anti-griefing as this is a bad idea. Allowing NoLifer100 the opportunity to harrass all new players by constantly killing their needed enemies is asking for trouble. You took some of Path of Exile’s ideas, take their instanced world one too. We cannot see anyone bar our party once we leave town. Still has the interaction you want but cuts out harassing each other.

Lastly, console has on Diablo 3 at least, a Local Coop feature; will this be implemented in Diablo 4 as well?

Yes. Just Google: diablo 4 coop local
or something like that.

I really hope that there is at least an optional “Party only” or “Singleplayer” mode, because i do not want to play with randoms on an open world. WoW shows pretty good huw much “use” this is, since you don’t “need” social interaction, just either the cannonfodder or the damage to get the loot/objective. And Diablo never was and never should be an MMO, that’s what Immortal is for, and that’s why i don’t play it.
It is great that they add local coop, but i wan’t to play online with my friends, and just my friends, as i have in D2 and D3.

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Ooo thank you, that helps with that query of mine :slight_smile:

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