Diablo 4 shared world

Wanna know the real reason for the mandatory shared world Blizzard wants to push down everyone’s throat in Diablo 4?

Just search the internet for “Activision matchmaking patent”.
( Blizzard doesn’t allow (me) to post links here on the forum. :frowning:
There are plenty of articles about this and they’re easy to find. )

This is all about microtransactions. It’s about showing of other peoples vanity items to nudge you towards buying stuff yourself. They want to show you other players to make you jealous. It’s about making more money, as always. Every other reason they give for this, in my opinion, is just a lame excuse.

For me, this won’t work. If they insist on a mandatory shared world in Diablo 4, I will not buy the game at all. Simple as that. I don’t want to play with strangers, I don’t even wanna see strangers in a game. Never ever.

I prefer this semi open world concept to what we currently have.
So what you’re talking about might be the case, somewhat, but I’d still take it.


I think I agree to the OP, I don’t want to play a game where I am forced to play with strangers, or to see them at all. And when the game becomes less popular it will show in that less players appear, it will remind you that you are playing a dying game.

As of now there several things that is putting me off the D4 hype. Locked skilltree, mounts, and no GR, to name some. Though it’s not the end of the world for me, I can play something else. D2 and D3 have made me miss out on many titles that I wanted to play, simply because they are time consuming and they cover a lot of my desires when it comes to gaming.

D3 is die cose there’s noway to sell item, in D4 we ask for runewords and market… that’s it.

Ah, you’re saying it’s capitalism?
It seemed more communistic to me but more in a fascist way when you have to be online 24/7.