Diablo client crash when joining a party for rifts

Today i downloaded Diablo 3, for Season 25. Once it was up and running i joined a session for a boost, and almost instantly the game freeze up in a weird way. I can move around in-game, the chat works, but all the clickables and the map stops loading. I start troubleshooting and update my gpu drivers to latest and try again. Nothing. I reinstall the game files, nothing. i change to potato gpu settings hoping its an issue with that, and nothing. For some reason, while troubleshooting the game “un-froze” and i managed to Teleport to my friend for a short second, but as before, when the new floor loaded in the game crash again. Ironically while making a ticket for this issue, the ticket system crashed as well and i could not sent in a ticket. After several attempts i gave up. This is a last effort here.

I will share my Dxdiag and Msinfo if needed. As of 23.12.21 my drivers are up to date, and my specs are well within the required. It feels like a client error, but i dont get a crash log. So i dont know what to do at this point.

Sad to hear you’re still having this!

I don’t see in your message that you did a scan and repair of the game. I know you said it was a new install, but it may be that something happened to the files so please try that :slight_smile:
We could also do with a little more info.
You said ‘nothing’, does this mean you tried the troubleshooting step, got into the game, joined with your friend again, and the same thing happened?
Have you tried entering a single player game to see if the same issues happen?
If it’s the client, it’ll be showing the same behavior in single player. If it’s not, then the issue may be connection rather than client.

Try the above though and let us know!

Update. Yes i did try the repair tool, it found nothing. So i just tried singleplayer game and the same thing happens there. it runs for a few seconds then all the mobs just stops working. I tried the troubleshooting steps thats suggested from blizzard. with no luck.