Diablo III Intelectual Property used by someone else through an emulator

  • Blizzard Diablo III Intelectual Property is used by someone else through an emulator.At least that’s what they said.
  • I’ve spent soo many hours of YouTube Diablo III.The main reason is because i don’t have money to buy it.I just can’t save enough money to buy it…
    Recenlty i’ve found d3reflection ( i can’t link the website but if a staff member will PM or e-mail me i will tell him their Website and Discord)
  • These guys said they made and emulator from scratch of the Vanilla Diablo III.
  • All fine…i said let’s try it.So i did.I’ve spent 100 hours get used to the game,omg,it’s incredible even without latest updates from past years.It’s a work of a genius this game.
  • Again,all fine,until the creator of this emulator/project called reflection is taking money from players who donate to keep his server online and doesn’t help them with their question .Me as a simple player i have to answear what i think it’s right or good,which isn’t that right either.It’s a shame to see how people get caught in this just because the creators made such an incredbile game…
  • As much as i admire his emulated work,as much as i regret that i can’t finally buy the official game from Blizzard,please do something about this guy.
  • I don’t like this type of person,like him,who’s using someone else’s work - Blizzard - make it as it’s own,and don’t respect players to answear their questions.
  • I just hope Blizzard can do something about this.It’s not normal what they’re doing.
  • Thank you for your time reading this!
  • Very good job with Diablo III,can’t wait to watch the next update on Youtube! Cya & Have a Good Day!