Diablo IV & PVP


The hostile function was one of the best features if D2 and ultimately one of the main things that kept the game alive for years and years, like invasions are keeping the Dark Souls games alive.
I really hope they don’t drop the ball on this and cater to PvM players who can’t take getting killed by other players occasionally.


As far as could be learned from BlizzCon, there will be PVP zones.


Thank you. What I’ve learned so far is that all dungeons will be private for myself and party members.


I’m curious too :smiley: Don’t get too excited , you know what happened with D3 PvP…it was announced…, showed in some nice arene fights,…printed on game box, promisted to be released later on after launch…aaaaand then it never happened :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope that they wont ‘force’ pve players into pvp areas.

The was a dev that said in an interview, that they might put pve objectives inside the pvp areas…


Agreed. Hope that we are not force to play PVP. That will be a game killer for me.


knowing they promised pvp for d3 aswel, it taking almost years after release to come out and it was a total faillure, i have zero expectations for pvp in d4


I watched a few of the videos from blizzcon and the lead game designer sat in with a couple of streamers and discussed a few of the topics above. 1) PvP will have designated areas where you can play in them with monsters but there is a risk of being attached. You will enter these areas at your own risk (same is true for hardcore). 2) The game will be 100% playable in solo play. I would imagine that if you are playing solo either these type of group-kill monsters wont spawn, or if they do spawn they will be possible to kill solo.


auto enabled pvp is not ok.
when i enter that area i should be able to choose.
what im saying is i would like to explore those pvp areas without being killcamp :smiley:


I disagree, respectfully though with your opinion. I think it gave Diablo an awesome feeling especially playing hardcore knowing you could hostile someone, or vice versa and take someone’s ear and keep it as a trophy. I understand where you are coming from but if it isn’t an open-world aspect, then the game just becomes more linear and the people who want to PK can’t and it just becomes a dueling game like the Duel Arena in say… Runescape.

With that said, the biggest reason I stand by my opinion is this: Say you and 3 people are out collecting loot and you come up from a cave entrance and see a PKer, I think it adds more dynamic to the game because your in the situation of strategy similar to Age of Empires. Do I have the gear and skill ability to fight this player? If its hardcore, will I lose and he takes my ear? And if your character is strong enough, it’s nice to have the confidence knowing you WILL win the fight and get an ear as a trophy. And if you don’t want to fight you have a chance to TP away or just run away.

Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t think Diablo 2’s system was perfect but I don’t want to see PVP arenas like Diablo 3 where your in a confined space and it’s a boring fight since your limited with space. I just feel the implementation of PVP is good because it forces players to get good. I remember playing Diablo 2 back when I was 8 years old and getting killed by another player. I was super upset but that caused me to learn how to get very good at it so if I ever got hostiled again, I would be the player getting the ear.


Ok lets go 100% Diablo for this time enabled hostile mode your butt belongs to me now muhahahahahahha


Sounds like me they’re going for a childish opt-in system like in World of Warcraft.


Except when playing Diablo 4, I’d want to go from area to area and dungeon to dungeon without the risk of encountering a hostile player.

There will I’m sure already be enough tasks and obstructions within the game to keep me and my friends occupied for a long time. But as most will know, I’m as casual a player as they come, and want to play on my own time. The last thing I need is for a hostile player to come along an interfere with whatever progress that I have made in as little time as I have to play.


Sounds to me like they’re avoiding a childish schoolyard bully -system like in Diablo 2.

(which in itself would be fine if the game wasn’t online-centric)


PVP only by player consent is absolutely fine for me, I have a family and limited time for gaming I definitely wouldn’t want to waste any minute on some crazy dude with op gear to hunt me for half of my gameplay. Thanks I’ll pass


There will be no PvP in D4 if they continue itemization as they do now. D3 PvP is impossible because of exponential scaling, and thus trillions of damage. And it sure looks like D4 is going the same way, look at the white items with 100 power level and the mythic with over 9000.
Unless they linearize stat and item progression, a la D2, PvP is not possible.


I’m 100% certain they won’t force pvp on anyone that doesn’t want it. It will likely be a system involving “flagging” for pvp if not a separate realm altogether.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


This right here.
But it does seem like they’re going to rebalance items and scaling for PvP.


I’m sure they will add a guild system for ganking people that opt-in with rewards.


Santuary is a large world, its dangerous too, u may get killed by monsters and maybe even by other people too, i like that idea. But its a matter of taste. How about different areas which give different rewards, some u can get killed by players and some not. Spice things up a bit.