"Effect & Focus" - Runes, Power Imbues & Sockets: Mechanic suggestion

Change “Cause & Effect” to “Effect & Focus” so Effect item always work, and focus enhances it but for specific cases.

The devs current plan:

  1. Change Runes (From d2) to be Cause & Effect
  2. Create a mysterious item of legend (Consumable)
  3. Ignore charms

And I suggest this:

  1. Introduce the concept of Charms:
    1. Charms will be socketed.
    1. Charms can implement the cause-and-effect mechanic, in a more versatile way.
      This will be done by introducing 2 charm types: Effect & Focus
    1. Imagine adding a charm (And later another) to your weapon:
    1. Adding an effect charm gives your weapon extra effect.
    1. Adding a Focus charm increases your charm’s effect, but narrows it to specific events. (Attack, get hit, move, etc.)
    1. This explains in words how they work, gives purpose to each “rune”, and doesn’t throw the old concept of runes out, and abides by the concept: “Easy to learn, difficult to master.
  1. Consumable items of legend will be renamed to Runes.
    1. Imagine etching a rune you’ve found on your weapon (Thus consumable), giving it a power of legend!
    1. This gives the item a feeling it’s more personal - like writing your initials, or a blessing on a present to a colleague or friend.
    1. Runes now can have a sort of relationship of merging/rerolling toward the rune you try to get. (Maybe a Scribe character will help us with that? Research?)
    1. Maybe imbued with one of the three new powers? (Angelic, Demonic & Ancestral?)

Posting this on a thread where I got the idea, it was suggested to use Gems (Or Jewels?) Instead of Charms.

I would love to get constructive feedback on this!