Finally made a zdps support DH (link inside)


Here it is.

edit 2, thx Boubou:

I am open for ideas suggesting what to replace sentry with and what quiver I can replace my current with.

Controls are somewhat like LoN-Rapid Fire I mean to say that you need to focus on more than 2 things. Together with monk or barbarian it doubles the occulus ring.

With the amulet and skill on bow it is easy as dell to bundle together fiends =)

edit: Decide with the from the shadows rune on vengeance to proc iceblink on more fiends even when build already is sprayyy.

update: Decided to switch sentry with wolf companion or marked for death now, that I have a lot of cooldown reduction it is up 66%.


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I’m not sure if there are enough things that help buff the group :confused: like freezing enemies isn’t enough when necromancers can do it better, and usually in pushing freeze effects can mess everything up. It can group up enemies which is nice. Maybe if there were additional benefits the group could get.


I was thinking of marked for death but the 15% bonus did not seem as much appealing and I also need discipline for vault but since its only 3 in that value it could be something.

edit: the other would be FoK with stun effect but its range is too low. And then with like 47% cooldown reduction wolf companion could be something, I think I might add that one.


Put impale on your bar + chain of shadows to get infinite vaults, then marked for death becomes viable.


I must disappoint you but DH can’t use 2h executioner axe that will be important for supports after patch.