Finishing Rift under 2 minutes

Hello there. I need help about finishing the rift in T10 under 2 minutes conquest. Which DH set should I choose and is there a specific game tactic?

Gears of Dreadlands or Unhallowed Essence / Multishot are good candidates for this. Effectively, you’re looking for a nice big open map, e.g. battlefields of eternity, festering woods, and so on. Bare in mind this does not need to be done solo. You could just join some public rift groups and at this stage of the season, with lots of highly geared players, you might just get it by chance anyway.

One last thing to be aware of…

  1. The timer starts when you click Accept on the Obelisk in town
  2. The timer ends when you’re back in town and talk to Orek, NOT when you kill the guardian

So, if you’re doing this in a public group and it looks like the time is going to be fast enough, when the progress bar is around 98-99% complete, teleport back to town, the others kill the guardian, you speak to Orek, and you can then use the other players banners to teleport to where the guardian died to pick up the loot.


I asked many people to help me on this conquest but apparently no one cares so pushing the rift solo for now. I did not know that start and end timer info. Thank you very much. You are the best as always.

I just did this conquest in roughly 1:30 in Asia region (done in the third attempt).
FYR, this is my GoD build:

I use an on-screen stop watch to help keep tracking the time I spent. Some players use smart phones.

Good luck.

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Hey, I have to say I’m a bit new again to this game haven’t played in 15 years, im 35 so … anyways I have dh God and a zdh God with captain’s… im wondering since my goal is for now just reaching best gear possible… ever… like farm till im top…for both dh. Im already para lvl 1300 . Where and how would you recommend me to do that… as a suggestion atleast… thank you.

Mind the posting date. This thread is 3 months old. The conquest exists in last season but not current season. Check out what current conquests in-game.

Current season (S22) has 2 conquests need speed. I guess you can use the build I posted above as a base. Click the d3planner link to see my build. I was sub-1000 paragon.

The key is to use Yang to reduce hatred spending so that you can speed run with strafe almost all the time. There are other ways to achieve that, but Yang is an easy one.