Girlfriend complained about the difficulty on d3



Just thought I’d say my girlfriend rarely ever plays video games but I got her into Diablo 3. My first time playing through the campaign with her she was complaining the difficulty was way too easy. We literally just walked through Malthael on Expert Difficulty. I wanted to turn the difficulty up but wasn’t able. This is coming from someone that has maybe played 5 video games in her entire life.

I just hope in Diablo 4 the campaign is actually difficult for people that want a challenge on their first playthrough because it really deters from the experience. Thanks


D3 honestly is way too easy… I was playing D1 last night and the difference is huge. Power creep really killed D3 and paragon levels honestly make endgame unfun. I really hope they have proper difficulty and endgame content in D4.


This is one of the weirdest things about this game. I finally bought it about a year ago and was surprised by how easy it was. I then manually switched to a higher difficulty, and then to the highest available, and it still was a lot easier than anything I have ever played. When I faced Diablo, I literally never had the chance to do anything to him; my crowd just stampeded him in several seconds. And that was on highest difficulty available. At the same time, I clearly remember watching a video from about the second day after release with a Barbarian player fighting Diablo for half an hour, almost dying several times during the fight. Something obviously went terribly wrong somewhere around like 2015.


Yeah I played D3 day one with a bunch of friends and I remember we had a hard time against bosses (the Smith was an absolute b*tch.) Now we’re able to run through the whole game like a breeze. Might have been a consequence of the casualisation of games in the early 2010’s ?


Well, the fact is vanilla was much harder in D3. Now after loot 2.0 you get mostly what you need, that’s why it’s so easy. Hard isn’t hard. I suggest setting it to Expert, then at 60 or 61, Im not sure set it to Master. Besides everyone who plays this game know this and it deosn’t matter. That isn’t the game, running GR’s that’s actually a challenge is.
I suggest OP start with a seasonal character as soon as S19 begins and start running Rifts and GR’s.
The campaign is only a simple tutorial.
If you want, after the campaign you should crank up the difficulty so that you get one shotted by minions, that’ll make it a little challenging. Altough, that’s pointless as you want to set the difficulty to somewhere you run rift’s in less than 3 min, to be effective.
There are a lot of guides out there on how to progress, and this question has been answered a dozen times before.


you cant increase difficulty while in the game, only from menu … if its easy, increase it … its just that simple


Increase difficulty from lobby.


I disagree though, GR’s aren’t challenging at all. Artificial difficulty with increased numbers does not make it more challenging, it’s just a very long grind.


When it comes exploring the open world, i belive there will be zone levels. Since Scosglen is the starting zone, mobs die easier BUT they really need to put some challanges. For dungerons, they might put Normal, nightmare, hell and chaos for endgame. Rember that this is an open world Action RPG + MMO and they cannot force torrent difficulty levels in open world zones since every one slaying mobs all the place.