Girlfriend complained about the difficulty on d3

Right now, in my head the analogy is: stuff that you do from torment 1 to 16 are equal to normal difficulty in D2, GRs from 75 to 110 equals nightmare , and 110 to 150 equals hell. In terms of how much content this is, 90% of the game, (the acts, the bosses, the world, the areas, and pretty much everything there is programmed into the game) becomes obsolete the moment you do a seasonal journey and grab your set.

My oppinion is that diablo 3 has been programmed to be more casual friendly. I am not saying it’s a good or a bad thing. Someone else might prefer it this way. Personally i dislike it. D2 was challenging for most new players even in the first act on normal difficulty. Dying was also punishing even in softcore where you had to go and pick your body again in the thickest of things to recover your items. Yet, now if you die, you just wasted 2 seconds of your time and 0.001% of your total gold to repair your items.

On the other hand, now we also have tones of legendary drops. You finished an activity that took you 3 minutes? Congrats… Here are 12 legendaries for you. Yes, i know there are many ways these items roll and you want the good rolls. But remember how unique and rewarding was in D2 to find a piece of a set or a unique item…

That’s why i would love to see a remake version of D2, without some of the annoying and outdated mechanics like stamina, gold that you have to pick up manually and ridiculously limited stash space.

Increase difficulty from lobby, play Hardcore or go to high gr,s.

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Maybe girlfriend can try to beat GR 120 with sub 800 paragon. It’s doable but not easy, imo.

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The OP’s girlfriend was playing her very first hero ever. That means it’s not possible for her to set her game to anything higher than Expert, can’t set it to Master until she completes the Campaign and can’t set it to T1-T6 until she’s level 60.

And what did you suggest? That she do GRs, which is content that is only available in Adventure Mode with a level 70 hero, i.e. content she has no access to yet.

The thread is about how easy the game is before you get to the end game so telling the OP that they should get to end game is missing the point entirely.


Ah sorry, I didn’t understand that girlfriend refuse to play anything other than campaign.

If you are only going to play the campaign and nothing more, then know that it is a part of the game that has been left in dust. It’s not the part of D3 that has been developed and focused on. Playing with DH is a way to raise the challenge in campaign.

No, you didn’t understand that she can’t play anything other than campaign because, until you’ve completed the campaign, you don’t have access to adventure mode (so, no rifts, bounties or GRs).


Actually, I understand that. But for most D3 player, game is not finished after campaign, and that is clearly what Blizzard have intended with the design of D3. Not saying it is ideal, but is the truth as I see it.

So by only playing the campaign, you don’t have a clue about what D3 is. I still say “go do GR 120 with 800 paragon”, if you sincerely want to experience challenge in D3.