GoD/Natalya with all nades

Playing with themes is always fascinating. My top 3 themes for Demon Hunter are Melee-Druid, Artillery and what ever with bombs. Immediately I noticed to use Strafe-Demolition with Grenades until I realized that Strafe’s damage is not buffed. I made GOD/Natalya with 4/6 to fix this.
Now how crazy firestorm it could be?

  • Strafe-Demolition
  • Grenade - Grenade Cache
  • Rain of Vengeace - Anathema
  • Vengeance - Personal Mortar
  • Grenadier
  • Hellcat Waistguard

I throw 5 nades, let the RoV loose and just Strafe away while tapping next RoV with really short cooldowns cause I’m dual casting primary and spender. Primary-skill items, Numbing Traps, Dawn also help. Speedkilling T13 without ancients and Focus/Restraint.
I shoot nades while I shoot more nades with extra nades and all these nades bounce around and explode again and again…

Think about it!
Whole screen is one fiery sea of death.