Having extreme issues creating games from Singapore

Ever since just before Christmas Day, I’ve been having issues with insane lag (1600ms+) from Singapore when in games, and then the game hanging when trying to create a new game session. My character is in the Americas, but if I try to connect to Asia or Europe there is no problem.

I used the OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 extension to force the game to connect to Australia, and for 24 hours that worked. Now it’s back to continual 3006 errors.

I’ve renewed IP and flushed DNS several times just to be sure, and even redownloaded the entireclient in an attempt to brute force any issue on my side. I ran WinMTR and there seems to be a massive packet loss issue on the NA side, namely at:


Your web pages are also unusually slow to load (and often time out), and attempting to download the Battle.net Launcher is pointless as the meagre 5mb download never makes it through.

From reading the forums, I’m not the only one having issues. Is there are general problem we should be aware of?