How can you not see they'r cheating


I dont know if some simple mathematical calculations is not a requirement for working at blizzard, but it should be. Let me explain a very simple way to know someone is bottting.
Take for example the leading player on Wizard, for the americas server. He is paragon 4000+ and that player has 1312 hours of play time since the begginning of season. The season is 58 days old, wich is 1392 hours. For those of you who have some basic arithmetics capability, i think your starting to see the bug.
THAT PLAYER PLAYED 22 hours and 37 minutes a day, for 58 days straight!
No human can do that! And it’s not the worst i’ve seen, some players have over 23 hours of playtime per day for 58 days straight!
So 1+1=2, but nothing will be done about it, because ‘‘We dont have proof that player is cheating’’ haha, wake up fellars!’’
So at what lvl is the real leaderboard starting?
This is like the olympics, if your not doped you will never win!


been the same for years, bliz dont listen to this type of stuff unfortunately, water off a ducks back, its a shame that the company cannot or will not enforce their t’s and c’s and then they have the cheek to post here now and then telling us they are doing the job all the time!! Its comical!


I found new friend from pug. He added me because i played support monk. I have seen him farming gr93 for 3 days without resting…


Well 3 days is ok, and 93 is pretty low, but 58 days!


Yes, gaming for 72 hours straight is normal lol


Well he was “playing” 3 days until i have deleted him from friend list. 93 is low because he was farming. In solo gameplay it’s fine if you do 90 in 2 minutes.


Rebirth? Keeps previous hours.


Yet another case where people need to be reminded of certain important thing.

Don’t look at the hours played by character! Instead go to the season section of the profile, select summary subsection and hover your cursor over the bars of each class. Those display hours played in the season and season only. Add the hours from each class together and compare it to how long season has lasted. If it’s 20+ hours a day, then there’s definitely something fishy going on.


what a total jumped up little millennial lol. That was funny reading someone’s self adoration thinking he’s greater than everyone else.


Well, it could be a an account shared by members of a family, relatives etc whop play in turns.


The only account sharing permitted by the EULA is when a parent / guardian is responsible for an account played on by their minor child / ward and, if an account’s being used for 22+ hours a day, I’d be more concerned by their parenting than their cheating.


Does it say anything about physical location? For example you could be sharing your account with your cousins from Australia, or with cousins who work night shifts in some boring office job ? Just saying :slight_smile:


Sharing not allowed means not allowed. A physical location is irrelevant. you can’t share it with other persons, not even your children. -You are allowed to manage their account, -not play on it!


Leaderboard hogs share accounts. Itsusually 3/4 of them. There is no way to mitigate that unfortunately though, even if it is not allowed. Unless it becomes a rule you must stream yourself playing these sessions (legal issues with this), theres no way to stop it. As for bots, yes that entirely detectable, if they put the hours in.