How long until you fixt it

how much time we have to wait for you to fix this fukick bot problem in this game !!!


They did a banwave less than a fortnight ago…

this is not a fix
banwave did noting

Nev is right on this - account (ALL OF THOSE IN THE NAME OF THE GOD!)
ban could do some harm on those botters but that wont keep those creeps out of the game.

The big problem is that the more botters get banned, the more information the bot devs get to make their bots more undetectable. That’s why Blizzard can’t just do constant bannings but rather instead they do large banwaves. I’m actually a little surprised this recent banwave came so soon after the previous one.

The second problem is that if a botter gets banned, he’ll just buy another game license and keeps botting. There’s really no way to prevent that.

there is a way
the way is real time in game gms and ban per day sistem that trak them and punish them

D3 already has a built in system that monitors player activity, it’s called the Warden. Its purpose is to track down cheaters. But there are 2 problems.

  1. As I said earlier, every time banhammer is swung, bot and other cheat tool devs get more information to make their cheats more undetectable. No monitoring system is useful if they can’t detect anything.
  2. The Warden is already borderline spyware. There’s only so much it can legaly do. There are laws which protect user privacy and too deep level monitoring could easily violate those laws.

Let’s assume those GMs were paid £10 an hour.
Let’s also assume that you need more than one of them, e.g. 5 GMs.
So, they’d need to earn £50.00 an hour to break even versus the costs of the GMs.

Looking at the Blizzard Shop the Battle Chest costs £24.99 so they’d need to sell a copy every 30 minutes to break even, i.e. 17,520 copies a year.

Do you really think an eight year old game will sell an extra 17,520 copies a year due to having more stringent ban enforcement?

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I don’t think they work that way. They have more than enough work in keeping the botting software up to date after each Diablo patch.

blaaah blaaah blaaaah
money this money that
if blizzard dont have gms in this game this=retard game

Yes, companies do return on investment analyses to determine whether it’s financially viable to do things or not. Are you upset that Blizzard perhaps made the decision that having a constant and ongoing expense of real-time GMs wouldn’t be financially viable for an eight year old buy-to-play game?

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im not upset cuz i know that blizzard make money from seling this game and seling the bots for this game
this is why they dont whant to fix this problem

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Wait, what? You think that Blizzard are selling the botting software they ban people for using? Quick, get these on…

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baning how meny ppl?
10 per mont
100 per mont
1000 per mont
after what 3 4 years or waiting
ggggg they are doing it
if they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem !!!
like you

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I’m now part of the reason Blizzard isn’t banning enough people to make you happy, you say? However will I cope with such a heinous accusation. Oh, I know, I’ll make myself a cup of tea and laugh about it.

Make sure to put that hat on.

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blaaah blaaah blaaaah
you dident answer me how meny ppl they ban for boting?
cuz so far i seee no progles of clearing them out of here
same crap like in wow
pay to play game whit less in game support then a pirate version of it
lets make some “ban wave”(we are going to throw some shit in the people’s eyesand evrithing gona be ok for 2 3 monts les work more money)

I have a solution for you: you should blaaah blaaah blaaa and blah blaaah blaaah blaah.
Got it?

Where did you learn this debating technique? It’s so strong. Very persuasive.

I don’t know, only Blizzard does, but it’s clear they did actually do it.
Take a quick look at the non-seasonal 4-man leaderboard…

Notice the rank 1 team is missing a player?
Notice that entire teams are missing, e.g. rank 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10?

what about the rest ppl bot in bounti to?

this is special for you

You asked for evidence that they’re actually banning people and I showed with a single screenshot that from the top ten tanked teams in the 4-man leaderboards, six of those teams are completely missing and some are missing players, i.e. they were banned. I’m sorry if you don’t see that as evidence, or sufficient evidence, but the facts don’t change based on whether you believe them or not. When evidence is presented that counters your position, you’re supposed to change your position to incorporate the facts, not ignore the facts to continue holding the (wrong) position.

Anyway, I’m just wondering, do you have any cogent arguments or are you sticking with the whole ad hominem vibe due to being unable to come up with a substantive counter-argument?

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