Huge Lag Spikes on EU Servers

The Lag in the game makes certain things unplayable, and it’s not only Diablo 3, In Heroes of the Storm the game will be running at above average latency, then suddenly a giant spike will cause 5-6 seconds of freeze time.

This makes Heroes almost unplayable, as it can happen during team fights, and Diablo 3 Greater Rifts are ridiculous to try, as you stay frozen for 5 seconds then the map glitches and you can’t move without returning to town, and re-entering the portal

I’ve noticed this is only happening on the EU servers, and it’s not on my side as I’ve numerous friends saying they’re experiencing the same thing.

Attempted to make a support ticket too, the page just reloaded and it didn’t go through, so posting here is the only hope I have in fixing it :confused:

Hello LostEidolon,

In order to help you we will need to see your diagnostic files so please generate the System Files and a WinMTR trace to the Diablo III servers. Save the resulting files on Pastebin and post here the link using the preformatted text option ( </> )

I’m not sure what I am doing but the lag is unplayable on the Europe server, and really annoying, I hope this is in the right place! What the hell is the preformattedc text option, it won’t let me past the link?

To post links:

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That will convert your link to preformatted text and make it acceptable to the forum.
I hope I have done this right, sorry I’m a bit of an idiot!

Sorry I think my last post never had all the info in it, this one is correct!

Heya Zoobinader

Thanks for getting back to us with the MSinfo file there. I had a look into that and I can see some changes we can make which should help here.

  1. I can see that you are currently using a Wireless USB dongle. Let’s swap to a cabled connection as wireless connections can be unstable and may be the issue here.

  2. Next, we’ll want to to update your killer network drivers for your ethernet card. These have custom settings and software which should be updated to ensure it’s working at it’s best

  3. Lastly, I do see you have Macrium, typically this can cause issues with patching/updating. It’s less likely to be a contributer here however I would test if the issue continues with this closed.

If you don’t see any improvement let’s get a WinMTR report created and uploaded to Pastebin so we can look into other possible causes.

Thanks for the response I have posted all the info you want now I think, please forgive my ignorance. Sadly getting a hard wire to the router is not practical for me!

No worries, the second post must have came up as I was replying. xD

That said, It seems that your ISP is experiencing some issues with the routing to our servers:

6 43 ms 41 ms 41 ms []
7 282 ms 281 ms 282 ms
8 283 ms 282 ms * []
9 * 285 ms * []

There’s a 250ms spike and the *'s indicate loss of connection packets on the way to servers. The packet loss persists and the latency increases further as the routing continues. Seeing 500+ MS in-game would be fairly normal in these cases along with latency spikes or disconnections

In your case, you will want to reach out to them as they should be able to look into this in more detail. Providing their support with the tracerts you added on post will be very helpful too.