I disagree with Diablo 2 fans

I am hecking tired of diablo 2 neckbeard fans. You know, there are other players too. Not everyone are fans of D2. I played both D2 and D1 and…they are awful imo. I like D3 tho. I like to have the possibility to come home after work and relax. Of course there are things that have to be changed, but it’s 2019 and not everyone want a hardcore/dark game. I know people will say me that it is Diablo and it’s supposed to be dark. Yeah, it is, but D3 is dark enough for me and I doubt that I am the only one thinking so.


Well, let me be the first to agree with you.:+1:

I played Diablo 1 a lot when it came out in 1996. With the release of Diablo 2, I eventually stopped playing D1 when all my friends also had D2. The same happened with Diablo 3. When all my friends had it, I completely stopped playing D2.

When D4 is released, I’ll likely stop playing D3 also in favor of the new iteration of the mythology…


I do find people talking about 1 and 2’s stellar and amazing writing kinda funny. It’s always been cheesy as hell “I am a knight I protected this land with honour and valor” (well kinda… you get the idea).

Good for it’s time but that doesn’t mean it is still good. It’s bad, times change and expectations change. Much like how I can call the first cars terrible and I wouldn’t want to purchase one now.

Die hard 2 fans think that by getting D2.2 they’ll get the same experience they did back then. They won’t, it was a one time thing. Anything else is just “ohhh this reminds me of 2” or “2 did this better”.

Not saying 3 doesn’t have flaws it really does, but god 2 defo has them too.


I mean probably. I played D2 back in 2001 and it’s just not my type of thing. I like the lore and the class options but it was too hard for me. If I would compare D2 and D3, I’d stick with D3, cause I like almost everything about it.It feels so much more player friendly If you know what I mean.

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I liked the first movie better… the sequels were too much hollywood


Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but starting out an opinion with an insult won’t make anyone respect it


After following the debate on the d3 forums for years it’s clear for me that the d2 fans have always had, and continue to have, the most insulting language of all. They can all go to “hell” (hell being a difficulty level in d2).


First I agree with the D2 fans being… weird. I think because they are all in their community that likes D", they only ever talk to others that like d2 thus strengthening their resolve that d2 is a great game of unparalleled brilliance… IMO they should play other games.

I must disagree with your belief that D2 is hard… overall it’s not, it’s just a poorly designed game.

For instance:
Fighting Diablo in D3 is a case of using the right skills correctly. You can craft equipment of your level to ensure your not ‘undergeared’, and you have access to every skill of that level. You do have to fight Diablo from full health every time you initiate combat, so the “how” in how you fight him is the important part.

Fighting Diablo in D2 is can be done by repeating: open town portal; damage Diablo; die; respawn; return to battle through town portal. Ultimately you cannot lose. you also do not need to change your play-style (which you cannot do due to skill tree) or change anything about your character (which would basically require you to remake your character).

I will say I loved Diablo 2, but eventually I got bored of it and started playing other games. When I was playing Dungeon Siege 2, I actually thought “THIS!, This is how Diablo 2 should have been designed”, from simple things like the skill tree being supportive rather than restrictive, spells being weapons that used a different slot and scaled up similarly to standard weapons, mage equipment needing intelligence (and improving based on intelligence) rather than the strength stat and the mage hand weapons giving bonuses to spell damage that slowly improved with the weapons through the game. Yes I played a combat mage, I also played a sorceress in D2, I think the comparison fits.

Finally, I believe that D3 is a fairly easy game, but it could easily incorporate some of the features from D2 (monster elemental immunity being one) without any major issue. They made D3 really versatile, but got scared about making it difficult at the endgame… all they’ve added are extra damage and life, which is kinda boring. I hope D4 manages to merge the better aspects of the games together


Get ready for a flaming, because not many people would agree with us on this point you made of Diablo 3 being versatile.:+1:


Well why flame someone for his opinion, everyone has his right to it. In a way D3 is very versatile, just it railroads you very hard into only one or two builds if you want to play it at the levels where you can get the drops you need also in materials to make the game way easier.

For me the main difference between D3 and D2 plus D1 is in the heart of the game. D3 is an action oriented game with few RPG elements while the old Diablo games were RPG’s with action elements. Most obvious you see that in the campaign which in D3 is basically a tutorial that you never want to finish once done, since all the interesting features are in adventure mode. Basically you gimp your character by staying and playing the campaign.

For a RPG though, the story is the game. You roleplay the story with a character and once the story is done you delete your character and play the story again in another way and with another build. Endgame is actually something that does not really belong in a RPG. Diablo 1 more or less launched the genre of action RPG’s that have more elements of action games as usual in RPG’s. D3 though and that is why I have trouble seeing it as Diablo game, even if it plays in the Diablo universe is fully build and plays like an action game.

Now if that is your preference, fair enough, but even though I think D3 is on it’s own fun enough to play I expect some RPG from the franchise that invented the action RPG. It is the same disappointment I had when played Dragon Age three and found myself playing an action RPG instead of the cRPG I had expected and thought could trust to play when buying that Bioware game.

Now for D4, the fact that the story again is more or less just used as a tutorial, makes me worry whether D4 will be a continuation of D3 as an action franchise and devs forget the franchise is meant to be a RPG with action elements. For many of those who like D3 that will be good news, for the fans ofD1 and D2 though it will be less good news. Me I can play both types, just I think the RPG would be even better. :stuck_out_tongue:

whooo, d2 rocks, my fav game of all time, looking back sometimes i wish i never found it, too much time spent (big big sigh)

D3 is good, if I managed to spend over 100h in it and im working fresh dad than yeah I can say game is good or was good Couse in bored to death with rifts and seasons now especially with so little time I don’t want to do same stuff I rather play something else. D2 was a great game as well for it’s time,sure younglings not gonna appreciate it now but back then getting such a meaty and dark h&s when there was no game like D2 around was something big. D4 is just a new installment for a younger mmo generation. That’s all. Live passes by, people change trends change.

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The hardest thing in D2 was to change your build and keep all charms in your inventory (or whatever was name of item, which give you something while you carry them in inventory). I don’t remember what was that hard in D2. What Diablo 3 did right is to actually give you freedom to change your build whenever you want. As well D2 was endless farm to reach 99lvl, which I never reached, while Diablo 3 is not binded to so long leveling, as actually perfecting the build. Most of the time in D2 you just needed to find right items in order to resist always increasing elemental damage and that was everything, neither more skill or thinking required the game. Yes D3 is more action rpg, than pure rpg with stats and etc. But I don’t think that this is that significant, that you can’t spend your stats on your own. D2 was far more grindier, than D3. Back at the start of D3, it was pretty interesting challenge to kill Diablo on last difficulty. And adventure mode of D3 is much better, than just passing campaign again and again. For example I hate over complicated trees in other games in this genre like Grim Dawn or PoE. Where you have 1 billion stars, which in the end to be honest do similar things in every single game. I prefer to have few skills as in D3 and they to have some different gameplay, instead of putting countless perk points in “Do 3% more dmg with dagger” or “1% bleed chance with sword” and etc. But I totally can’t understand what was harder in D2? It was the same game, with almost similar gameplay.


Im sure you dont disagree with ALL D2 fans… there is a fair few of us who played the original D2 who think everyone should play whatever game they want and people should just be happy we have several iterations of Diablo to draw on. Its fine for you to have AN opinion, but opinions are like backsides… everyone has one… they all stink and you can probably stand the smell of your own more than someone elses!

I do think its unfair to generalise about D2 fans. speaking personally, I have no interest in telling you to “go to hell”, but at the same time, you have to realise that Fandom is a passionate thing and you cant please all the people all the time, and in the grand scheme of things, D2 fans have had a very rough ride! Anyone who was around back when D3 was announced probably remembers how badly the D2 community was treated. D2 wasn’t secured in the same way as D3 due to the release of BNET 2.0. You have to appreciate that some very vocal and passionate D2 players are STILL sore about how they were treated.

History lesson - When D3 was announced, you couldn’t even log into the Diablo forums unless you owned a copy of WoW or SC2. This was because of the new BNET client that came with those games. Blizzard decided NOT to update the original D2 with the new BNET client, but you needed it to log in to the website!

Hundreds of thousands of long term players were basically told “sorry, you may have been playing this game for a decade, but you cant come in!” and I think that, along with the stop/start installer issue in the first days of D3 and the “Here is the Auction House… oh wait… no we are closing it now!” debacle… Then releasing an XB and PS version (sacrilege! its a PC game!)… and then from day 1 give the console versions a considerably higher item drop rate than the PC version… and then Reaper Of Souls doing a retcon on most of D3’s story…

All things considered, its easy to see why long time D2 fans were/are upset about how the community was wiped away like an afterthought. I dare say that Blizzard learned some important lessons from that period, although they do make mistakes. Just look at what happened with Diablo Immortal at the last Blizzcon! that was basically the same reaction by the D2 community back in the day… but this is back before streaming was a thing and internet in those days was done with a 56k modem.

Just don’t take this post the wrong way. I’m just saying cut people some slack and meet them half way! D2 players of old HAVE been treated badly in the past, and it takes a long time for passionate fandom to forgive mistakes like that. just look at the state of Star Wars! Diablo/Blizzard fans are THAT passionate


No shared stash - you had 1 stash and THATS IT!
No individual loot - if you wanted to swap items with another character, you had to have 2 copies of the game!
Runewords - Still the thing D2 players chase to this day because they dont have a Mystic or Kanai’s cube to re-roll specs
A MUCH harder difficulty - Hell difficulty was damn near impossible to solo! I know you mentioned that already, but resistances in the end game out scaled the player

It was similar gameplay, but D2 is a harder. it may well be that todays players are spoiled with the number of games they have available. back in the 1990s, we didnt have this much choice! Diablo 2 was single handedly the only serious choice for online gaming as well!

Back in the day when I was playing D2 I didn’t have internet at home unfortunately, so I didn’t know what builds to make or how to bind abilities, because of that the game was painfully hard for me.

You have your opinion, D2 fans have their one. Just ignore them. I’m a D2 fan but I don’t blame the players that prefer D3. I will always will prefer a D2 over D3, mostly because of nostalgia and just because D2 had 8 players party, multiple skill binding/usage, trading and pvp.

Just wanted to give you 5 cents with my opinion. Just have fun :slight_smile:


And there were plenty of other games you could have played.
Diablo1, 2 were a franchise that was loved by Diablo 2 fans.
Those diablo 2 fans are now upset because their beloved games are being ruined by a game that isn’t even remotely similar to diablo 1 OR 2.

These are Action Adventure games not Action role playing games.
That’s the difference, if blizzard would have made these games under completely different title, No one would complain!!!

Diablo 1 was about You, You were the adventurer YOU decided where you spent your points in and what skills and gear you’d use.
diablo 2, was That with extra Synergies on top of gear mutli-usage on loot.
Creativity was at its best.
generic type players went for Enigma on any character while the ones that wanted something else used their creativity to build whole unique builds.

in other words you weren’t a neckbeard you’d never experience the game at it heights, you never felt that creativity to reach end-game do ubers and pendamonium event.

That’s perfectly fine,
maybe one day you’ll give it another go,
maybe you won’t because its a harsh and brutal game
But this is why these neckbeards Love Diablo 2.
its all about the creativity that was designed for the people who actually like Challenges.
And this ^ is being taken away, from a game that had a massive reputation and the reason WHY it had such a positive reputation was because those neckbeards talked about it.
The whole diablo franchise is tarnished because of diablo 3.
And now its happening all over again with Diablo 4, The core element of a RPG is ripped out and you are left with a linear action adventure game that happens to be open world. the core of what use to make a diablo game is gone.

Most of my gaming buddies i know are all 30’s some already in their 40’s we met each other via Diablo 2, and we still play games together.
since 2004~ this created friendships that will last until the day we die.
its about ~25ish people we still come every day on teamspeak.
and once a year we all hop back into diablo 2.
most of us do have 1500~3000 hours into diablo 3 but it wasn’t fun that motivated us to play it.
and we pretty much haven’t played it since 2016~2017?
But every year we still play Diablo 2 for solid 3 months until something new and fun comes out.

I have no hate towards people that like diablo 3,
but at its core essence its not a diablo game,
there are no RPG elements your freedom of creativity is highly limited and the amount of loot that gets smashed into your face is just silly.
its a game made for casuals while the previous 2 titles were games with a challenge.

No one would have ever cared if Diablo 3 had a completely different title.
if the title was Angels Vs Demons and had a diablo story in it no one would have ever minded it a single bit.
But basically destroying the diablo reputation with these mediocre games.
Yeah some neckbearded people are upset.


In Imperius’ voice: Sacrilege!

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The problem is not in your memories, the problem is in people like you who drag their past into the future and say:“We don’t hate you D3 fans, but because we are older you have to play what we want, so f*** off because we are upset”.
Basically that’s what you can see in almost every post on this forum. It’s not about the choice that WAS it’s about the choice we have NOW. I am 30, and I have work and family, I have been a blizzard fan for more than 15 years and I don’t want them to make D2.2 .
At least I can agree with you on the title name.