I disagree with Diablo 2 fans

That is not what is going on at all,
if you make a franchise or a game in a certain way with lots of challenges and depth and the game is known for it.
you can only assume that this should have been expanded upon.
It should have been a evolution of the genre.

Instead of a very in-depth challenging game where the player has to make the decisions.
We got a game that was oversimplified, green numbers good, red numbers bad.
Diablo 3 should have been an insult to you as a intellectual person but apparently there aren’t that many intellectuals.

Diablo 2 is a Action role playing game
Diablo 3 is a Action Adventure game.
They are 2 different genre’s mixed in the same title.

As example:
That is like making a Speed racing expansion for World of warcraft.
Like literally, no more mounts everyone gets a car and is forced to race.
and everything in terms of gear, is now upgrade parts for your car.
There will still be unique combat… but only from within your car.
Oh and this is just blizzard going back to its roots.(as a fan service)
Because the expansion is called: Rock n’ Roll Racing.
when you put it in a extreme way, it seems very dumb right?
but when it comes to diablo 2 and 3, because both games are asymmetric views and they have some “gear” and “skills” that doesn’t mean they are the same genre.
and they are not.

And here’s my feedback.
The choice we want Now is a Diablo game.
We don’t want Diablo 4 to become a different genre game.
Not a racing game,
Not a fighting game,
But a Action Role-playing-game.

This means, the older style of genre of D&D people should be allowed to be more creative with their character. and people who only want to play solo shouldn’t be forced to all of the sudden be stuck in a mmorpg event.

This also means we want synergies back, Synergies in terms of gear of how you build your character.
Not talking about skills that do happen to have some synergie with other skills.
But how certain pieces of gear could affect any and all classes.
Like Magefists in diablo 2 they had +1 to fire skills.
Classes that had fire skills, Paladin, Amazon, Druid, Sorc.

In Diablo 3 they dumb it down. all classes get several fixed elemental type damages per rune or per skill.
They will drop a item with X% to X elemental. this means that all other gear with different elemental’s directly become obsolete, and since its not trade able its a dead item.
Diablo 3 has for 99% dead items from the class that you play.
so that is NO synergie with gear, This also means that the variation per build does not exist everyone has the same build the same gear and the same stats.

You weren’t bound by +primary stat which a power creep problem, and dumbing it down for the general players because it is literally telling you.
Intellect good, you casty casty, Strength bad.

Diablo 2 Doesn’t suffer from this, if you want to make a Sorceress with a sword and smack things down, and become a melee class like no other you’d use a Passion runeword blade that gives +1 to zeal, you’d enchant your weapon with + fire damage get to the increased attack speed break point.
And you have a build that almost NO other sorceress player has.
And that still functions in end-game activities.

But this does create other problems.
like with Engima, people that get +1 to teleport are everyone is teleporting.
And since not everyone is as invested or as creative they go online find a build that can do everything and now you have +10,000 hammerdin players.
(but that’s a different topic).

There should be limits in place,
There should be balancing actively worked on.
I do would like to see immunity to come back, i do want players to be creative again with how they build their builds.
Allow players to define those unique characters that are using certain prefixes and suffixes (affixes) to their benefit.
Like a magical blue amulet that has +3 to lightning skills and +100 to life.
While rare and unique amulets can only roll a max of +2 to skill.

The creativity that was in Diablo 2 that should have evolved into Diablo 3.
But instead we got something that was dumbed down and oversimplified.
All the choices were stripped out of the game, (The role playing).
Creativity in terms of builds is extremely limited in Diablo 3,
And this is not something i would like come back in Diablo 4,

I do want people to make their own choices again, if people want a sorceress wielding an Maul teleporting and slamming a maul because it synergizes in some magical way with a certain skill or talent or what ever then this should be a player choice.
I don’t want to see damage scale from weapons.(bad power creep design)
And there is a lot of those things.

I’m also in my 30’s i also have a family, i also have work.
I grew up with 2 older brothers we used to play Lost vikings and Rock’n’roll racing. Early 90’s snes era. that’s about 25 years ago.
Myself, my kids, and spouse play games pretty regularly.

But this doesn’t stop me from wanting a better diablo game.
And not having the same mistakes as Diablo 3 did.
But i do want them to make a D2.2
but i also want them to add 1.8 on top of that.
so it becomes a aRPG, with in-depth systems with creativity back on top again.
Give players Role playing again, Allow people to define their own stats.
If someone goes full energy they should be able to cast unlimited amounts of time with the draw back of having no health and dying to a single hit.


I see your point but here is exactly what I am talking about, you want it and people with the same memories want it but people like me don’t want it. I don’t think D3 made any big mistakes, I mean sure there are things that need to be changed, but overall D3 is a very good game and I want to see D4 continues this path.
I don’t want to be stuck with million of choices, I want 2-5 working builds to choose from.

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If u want simplicity, do you have a phone?:rofl:

I really think that at this point if blizzard cares about the fan base more than about straight sales they should go ahead and split Diablo into:

Diablo action hack and slash:
Choose between whirlwind barb, charge barb, frenzy barb, mounted spear barb and all drops will be for that, change your build whenever you want and just follow green numbers. This for console as well

Diablo RPG:
Almost anything is possible to build, complement it with massive choices of gear (no skill changing). Regular balance updates without being afraid of nerfs.

If it was possible, will anybody disagree?


@MightyMoss. This is a terrible idea to split Diablo into a play-by-numbers version and full fledged RPG version…

Ok, so you didnt get the irony, i will do my best to make it clearer next time, thought it was enough with the introduction line.

By the way, i think the action hack and slash should be erased from D3 franchise as it has no RPG in it; sadly, casual playing (want easy mode all the way, dont feel acomplsihed only playing in normal; need hell/inferno damped down) and console mode kills the origins of this game, some prefer it that way, but i would say the majority of us prefer it to be more faithfull to previous versions (of course improved as they are not perfect either).

I feel like this conversation is endless. I am not sure if it’s the majority of the players, in my opinion it is the minority. I can understand the nostalgia and “RPG love”, but I don’t share it. For me RPG and freedom of choice never had anything in common. RPG is where your choice affects the world and D3 has that. Freedom of choice is presented in sandbox games like Minecraft and it has nothing to do with the hack and slash genre. I literally hate games like PoE or D2 with those endless, unresetable talent trees. It’s awful. I think we should over the discussion here. I saw your point and the opinions of other people here. I just wanted to see if there are other people who can relate to my feelings and according to the number of likes on each of my messages here I can tell I am not alone.


I can understand how you may prefer something more colorful, faster fluid action and something perhaps a little more casual in general. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I’m someone who played a great deal of D1 & D2, a fair bit of D3. IMO we have a majority wanting it to go back to the roots still. Wanting Diablo as it was back then when it was darker, more gruesome… a bit more ‘RPG’ with freedom in items and builds. This is after all a common thing to ARPG’s. We are also getting MMO like features in D4 it seems. Modernizing the ARPG genre.

Personally I am pleased that they are going back to the older feel and balance regarding the theme and the itemization and skills. Much preferred it, because I think the Diablo universe is and was a very dark place. Also, because it balanced risk vs reward better in my opinion. That is something missing in a great deal of modern games unless you look at indie titles such as FTL perhaps. It’s one of the main reasons why a lot of rogue-like games are so popular. It is also why some game series like Dark souls are popular too. They balance risk vs reward well.

What I personally didn’t like about D3 (though it was still fairly fun) was how it was so streamlined both in combat and progression, not to mention how is also made the world generally more colorful, more cartoony. D2 has the cow level which was a joke and fairly amusing, but D3 has crazy rainbow unicorn colorful craziness with teddy bears and lollypops… With regard to the progression and combat, It felt like it lacked a bit of a surprise aspect in progression, and missed a good tactile feel to the combat.


not alone but not many either
i am sure blizz had a good reason why they emphasized “dark” “go back” “listen to feedback” at blizzcon and after. I only speculate here but is the general feeling that even tho D3 sold well, the people that actively play the game (due to always online) is somewhat… lacking.
Also, again speculating, due to the cinematic, i doubt d4 will have a cheerful “secret level” like d3 and because of the supposed demand will evolve into a full fledged horror aRPG.
on a more cheerful note, blizz will continue support for years (like D2) for D3, so if D4 is not to your liking you will have D3, which is a far cry more modern than D2. Now excuse me i really need to find a Jah. Good day.


Devs, please make a game with no ‘floating’ difficulty.

As people remember (not everyone, of course), but D2 difficulties had meticulous amount of balancing each and every mob.

Passing Normal, Nightmare and Hell gives a feeling of satisfaction to players (as do all the ingame animations ,I kinda watched them all each time).

Being able to move a slider is nothing alike as clearing the whole difficulty on designated and individually balanced opponents - feels like beating (partof) of a challenge.

Playing Torment 87 for 4 min, and then reverting to Torment 85 because mobs-there-crazy-with-multipliers feels nothing alike.

Only if dark art of “Initial balancing through mathematical prediction, several out of game simulations, and finally ingame tests on predictable hardness”, also known as a Liber Equilibria Durex, by Livepig, still existed.

Mr. Wyatt is vastly inadequate to all the things mathematical in nature, which he successfully demonstrated in his several public talks about… nothing, if we remove the mistakes and purely wrong dogmas. That guy Kim seems more up to a task, but still needs to prove himself.

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What the f has your misunderstanding of what Diablo is has to do with the year being 2019? You want a “Diablo” 3 clone, not an actual Diablo game


Dude. Not everyone like dark game, why do you play Diablo then? Go back to WoW, it’s brighter, more colorful and less violence , you will also have posibility to come home after job and relax, I can understand that. Maybe you should play some super mario then?

Diablo I and II fans know more than you how Diablo should be.
You are out of the blue. You don’t know about Diablo at all.


There is no need to be rude, like everyone else he has the right to his opinion, however things usually are done by the majority of people, majority wins, minority follows(with some rights along the way) and it seems that for d4 the majority are the d1/d2 fans, due to the blogs1 and 2 also. I respect his opinion, but for myself i really want a modern evolution of d2, with the atmosphere from d1 and with practically nothing from d3(maybe the shared stash, that’s it).


there’s nothing of D3 that i want to see on D4… Please Blizzard makes us proud! Do a great work!

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I’m not rude, just telling the truth. Diablo 1 and 2 fans know better how the game should be because of the gaming concept.

But people today cannot tolerate truth, If you say truth if you are rude.
2019 is the year where everybody is mad by the truth.


You think Diablo I and II are better than III.
That’s not truth, that’s an opinion.
It’s an opinion that people disagree with.

You’re mad because people disagree with your opinion, not truth.


Why should I be mad? I just say D1 and D2 fans knows the best of future Diablo games. That’s not being mad :rofl:


Did you forget that you asserted that everybody is mad?


can we please stop feeding the shittaster?

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I hope the game collectors ediition launches with a blood bag , a cursed incantation book , a sacrificial dagger and a live rooster. I whould be so relaxed comming home from work haveing that. Oo joyfull world…

P.S. i wonder why evreyone talks about Brevik and no one about Willson ?? could it be that one of the above made a great game and the other one not?

what great game was that?