I need help getting Immortal Kings Set, Please Help?

Hello there,

I’ve been playing D3-Demon Hunter for ages and now I want to play Barb. However, for me to be at level with the other players, I only have the Chest + Waist to collect. I really want to play and have fun with the Immortal Kings set as a starter set. From there I can branch out and improve my barb build by myself.

Please help.

Thank you for your time.

Hi there, I took some of your suggestions into consideration. Now I only need the waist. Yes, only the waist.

Here is my friend ID: Lair360#2563

P.S. I sent you a friend requests in-game. :slight_smile:

Make sure you use a “Mighty Belt” when using the Hope of Cain recipe in the cube… a “Belt” won’t give you the IK belt.