I wish this worked, really, strafe DH ;<



I have building a strafe DH for boosting the last two season. FIrst time I pushed I made it to like level 80 or something. Is there a better way or could this one gets buff in the future?

Attacks: Fills the room with grenades every enemie in that are are gonna blow blow blow and more. There are two strafe crossbows, 1 is a 1hand gains the effect of the rune so you can walk your speed normally during strafe, and the other one pierced when shooting but since grenades are best there is usefulness of that bow except that it also boost strafe by 100%

Here are the downsides I could live with
Smokescreen has a cooldown and u gonna use it alot but you are also deadly as soon when being seen for a second or standing lava when SS finishes.

In teams strafer can strafe quicky with tactical advantage and then just roll to the outside of the map where fiends are and then you go in circles mangling them. Also there is ablade rune with extra critical hits could work with the lesser crossbow. And while I am hear trying to sell an idea here is

DH gets new passive
Point Blank :whenever there is 3 enemies gathered for DH then DH unleashes point plank wich iw killing them with attack speed/decapitation/ or maybe something like russian roullette but its not russian roullette. I never said rusian roulette.

In a simpler way when 3 or more enemies is this yard close then DHs button gets an upgrade that does this and this etc we have no attack speed passive ;>