Impale with Overpenetration and Numbing Traps


Hi, since Overpenetration turns impale into cold damage, will it slow enemies and thus proc Numbing Traps? It’s hard to see/know if enemies are affected by this passive :thinking:


Numbing Traps and Cull the Weak should both be proc’d by the cold damage of Overpenetration but it’s pretty much irrelevant as Impale’s pretty much played at close / melee range anyway which means the aura from Bane of the Trapped and/or your Shadow Power /Night Bane is causing enemies within 30 yards to be slowed anyway.


Alright thanks for the answer!


What MB said, although sometimes, you will snipe/kite from a distance and not be in typical melee range (arcane elites, molten/plagued which will both One shot you on higher GRs etc).